Moon Knight Season 2 Could Be Happening: Everything We Know


The mass confusion around Moon Knight season 2 is a perfect fit for the MCU series which just wrapped up its first (and possibly last?) season on Disney Plus. Yes, after learning all the intricacies around Steven Grant and Marc Spector, we at Tom’s Guide are far from shocked that the news regarding a possible follow-up season isn’t crystal clear.

That said, we have some pretty good leads on why Moon Knight season 2 is happening (and not happening) – nope, a certain taxi driver didn’t help us dig them up from the belly of Cairo . That said, Moon Knight – who saw a mild-mannered museum gift shop clerk wrapped up in a plot to awaken an angry deity who prejudges people before they commit crimes – definitely left things open. for a return.

And don’t worry too much if Moon Knight season 2 doesn’t happen; we expect him to appear in an upcoming Marvel movie or two down the road. Without more “Steven with a V” style, here’s everything you need to know about Moon Knight Season 2! Of course, watch out for Moon Knight Season 1 spoilers!

Moon Knight season 2: Why it could happen

We originally went to Moon Knight thinking it was a one off deal. That was partly because Marvel and Disney would call it a “limited series,” the parlance of shows like WandaVision (and there won’t be a WandaVision season 2).

All of this meant that any the signs of Moon Knight season 2 – including someone saying it’s not happening – can kind of be seen as a sign that maybe it’s happening.

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, on the phone in Moon Knight

(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

For example, in August 2021, MCU chief honcho Kevin Feige was talking about Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel at IGN when he said “Some of the shows I mentioned that we’re on the point of starting filming, we’re keeping in mind a structure that would lead to a season two and a season three in a more direct way, than, say, a show like WandaVision, which clearly goes into a feature film, but that’s new.”

For example, on Wednesday, May 4, when the Moon Knight finale debuted, fans’ moods changed once Marvel started referring to Moon Knight Episode 6 as “the series’ epic finale. – then changed it to read “season finale”, as seen in this Tweeterof which we have a screenshot below in case it goes missing:

A tweet that reads

(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Twitter)

Not only does this decision suggest that Moon Knight’s time on Disney Plus may not be up, but it may also hamper his chances of getting awards where he was submitted in a limited run.

On top of that, a Deadline interview with Moon Knight episodic director and executive producer Mohamed Diab gave fans more reason to be positive. Diab is quoted as saying “We don’t know if there will be a next season” and that “Marvel isn’t following a conventional path, so even if they like the character and want to expand the world, it could be season 2. , it could be a standalone movie, or it could join another superhero’s journey.”

We also have some great news from the man behind Moon Knight’s villain, Ethan Hawke. Speaking to IGN about reprising Arthur Harrow’s role (which must be possible, one way or another), in Moon Knight Season 2 or another Marvel show or movie, Hawke said: “The good news is maybe it’s both. It lives and breathes on its own merits, it works like a limited series – and if people are engaged and excited about it, it could be the origin story of a bigger thing.”

Moon Knight season 2: Why it might not happen

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector and Steven Grant in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT.

(Image credit: Disney Plus/Marvel Studios)

Not only does the aforementioned “limited series” classification not help matters, but we have reason to believe that Moon Knight the show said “later alligators” for good.

Diab also told Deadline that “we never discussed Season 2.” Although he also noted “someday there will be an expansion, but I don’t know what it’s going to be like.”

Speaking to, Oscar Isaac (Mr Knight himself) said: ‘You know, I think we approached it like ‘this is the story… And let’s put it all on the table on this story. There is certainly no official plan to continue. I think it will depend on the story. He also said, “I love being Steven,” but given the interconnected nature of the MCU, there’s no reason to believe being Steven is only possible in a potential Moon Knight season 2.

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date Speculation

The road to Moon Knight season 2 could be quite a long one, but not because of the time it takes to create it – Marvel just has a multiverse of projects in the air at the time. Mohamed Diab was cast to direct in October 2020, and he later worked on the vision for the series with writer/producer Sarah Goher. We don’t know how long it took for the season to be written, but production took six months.

This means you should expect to see Moon Knight Season 2 in 2023 at the earlier. If not at all.

Moon Knight Season 2 Cast Speculations

If and when Moon Knight season 2 arrives, Oscar Isaac would have to return as Marc Spector, Moon Knight, Steven Grant, Mr. Knight, and Jake Lockley (the taxi driver introduced in the finale). Recasting it would be silly and make a really complicated character too convoluted.

We also expect to see May Calamawy reprise the role of Layla El-Faouly, whose new Scarlet Scarab identity has not been named or made official.

May Calamawy as Layla in Moon Knight

(Image credit:

Also, the voice acting talents of Karim El Hakim and F. Murray Abraham who voiced Khonshu, and Antonia Salib who voiced the hippopotamus goddess Taweret.

There’s a chance Ethan Hawke will return as Arthur Harrow, but it all depends on whether the Moon Knight producers want to bring this character back from the dead or if he’s even dead.

Moon Knight Season 2 Plot Possibilities

The likely story of Moon Knight season 2 (and when we see Moon Knight next) is simple: Khonshu is still messing with Marc Spector, as he has Jake Lockley’s identity under his bandaged thumb.

We also expect to see Marc and Layla struggle with the prospect of continuing to work together, as Spector is more of a solo act.


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