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The 2022 World Series of Poker is fast approaching and there will be a number of changes given the Rio’s move to Bally’s and Paris Casinos. Notably, with the WSOP moving to the Strip, players will have a whole new range of food options to try before the start of each playing day and during dinner breaks, so nutrition coach and poker player TJ Jurkiewicz decided to help his teammates.

A new free guide promises to help poker players eat healthier at this year’s WSOP. (Image: T.J. Jurkiewicz)

Jurkiewicz researched all the casinos within walking distance of Bally’s and Paris, scanning their various menus for calorie counts, nutritional information and healthier alternatives, and create a free 68-page guide to help players eat healthy. The guide recommends healthier foods from nearly 50 different restaurants.

“I just wanted people to have a guide to make better overall decisions than they made at previous WSOPs,” Jurkiewicz said CardsChat. “I thought that with the WSOP moving to the Strip, I could put together a guide to where players could eat foods that didn’t make them feel like trash when they came back to the table after the break.”

Misconceptions about healthy eating at the WSOP

In the guide, Jurkiewicz discusses what he believes to be a basic misunderstanding about healthy eating during the WSOP: Nutrition coach says summer months during WSOP It is not the moment focus on weight loss. Instead, he recommends nourishing the body to prepare for the long, grueling hours of the WSOP, both physically and mentally.

“We should eat the amount of food our body needs to function optimally, which is generally our body’s maintenance level of calories,” says Jurkiewicz. “This number is different for everyone, but basically it’s the amount of calories your body needs to function optimally without gaining or losing weight.”

For Jurkiewicz, a high-protein diet is one of the main keys to maintaining the energy levels needed for the long, grueling hours of the WSOP. He also points out that it’s important not to overload yourself with bad food, as it can have the opposite effect.

“I want to focus on people who order meals that are more nutrient dense, with protein being the main component of the meal. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient, it will also keep you feeling fuller for longer periods of time,” says Jurkiewicz. “You also don’t want to overload your digestive system and have a stomach ache after a meal filled with mostly junk (lots of starches, sugars, syrups).”

He also pointed out that every person is different and not all food choices will work on all levels. Jurkiewicz says it’s important to run a “trial-and-error system” to determine what works best for you. Keeping tabs on restaurant items that affect you in some way will help players develop a cohesive plan to keep their bodies functioning at optimal levels.

“I recommend that my clients keep a food diary and write about an hour after each meal how you feel inside. Are you stuffed? Do you feel light and energetic? This way we have information about the foods to avoid and gravitate toward,” he said.

Jurkiewicz’s guide includes a medal system ranking the healthiest food options near the WSOP. These are the top three choices. (Picture:

The whole absence of American Dave leaves a void

For the past decade, healthy eating at the WSOP has been synonymous with “All American” Dave Swanson, who ran a popular food truck behind the Rio known for its healthy meal plans and smoothies.

However, this year’s change of venue prevented Swanson from securing a deal for its food service, that he announced to a certain controversy on Twitter. While Jurkiewicz didn’t comment specifically on All American Dave, he admitted that the massive hole left by the loss of Swanson’s food truck was a big reason he put together the guide.

“I hope this guide will help people quickly identify which restaurants to go to during their breaks and allow them to make better ordering decisions while eating out, especially when they need to come back from the break and continue. playing poker.”

Jurkiewicz insists he’s not looking to make money from the guide and has no financial interest in promoting the restaurants highlighted, but says people who want to support his efforts can donate through his Twitter accountand that all proceeds will go towards prizes to be donated to his Facebook group.

A player himself, Jurkiewicz has just over $100,000 in live tournament earnings, with his biggest payout coming when he finished the WSOP team event in 2019, finishing in fourth place. The nutrition coach has been certified by Precision Nutrition and he runs a business called All in Fitness Coaching. The company’s website chronicles Jurkiewicz’s 2021 weight loss journey and allows visitors to sign up for one-on-one fitness coaching and meal planning sessions.

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