Newbury Care Homes launch guide to creating a dementia-friendly community


Two Newbury care homes are launching a free guide to support people whose loved ones have been diagnosed with dementia ahead of Dementia Action Week.

A survey of 2,000 adults by Care UK, which operates Newbury Grove on London Road and Winchcombe Place on Maple Crescent, found that more than a third of UK adults (35%) have many questions about dementia – but don’t know how to get the answers.

The guide, titled “Let’s Talk Dementia,” follows an easy-to-read question-and-answer format.

Care homes have launched a free guide to support people whose loved ones have been diagnosed with dementia

It was designed by the experts at Care UK, including Nursing, Care and Dementia Manager, Suzanne Mumford, together with home managers and team members in over 150 care homes.

Aimed at those caring for a loved one with dementia, the guide is filled with answers to questions that care home teams across the country have been asked by loved ones or community members – from l from identifying signs of illness to interacting with someone with dementia, to day-to-day questions about changes in diet and sleep patterns.

It also addresses topics rarely covered in other guides, including behavioral changes such as swearing and losing inhibitions, making it a unique toolkit for families and friends of people with dementia, whether they live at home or in a care home.

To mark Dementia Action Week, Winchcombe Place will host a Dementia Friends Session on June 15th.

Adarsh ​​Kurian, Managing Director of Newbury Grove, said: “Dementia Action Week is fast approaching, so we are delighted to release our brand new guide, ‘Let’s Talk Dementia’, to help our community. to understand what it is. live with dementia.

“As our survey has shown, dementia remains a largely unrecognized condition, which means a diagnosis is often a worrying and uncertain time for those affected.

“We’ve designed our guide with that in mind, ensuring it provides answers to all the real-life questions we’ve been asked over the years.”

Kerry Thompson, Home Manager at Winchcombe Place, added: “We would like to encourage locals to download a copy of the guide or contact us directly if they need help, so that together we can create a more supportive community. to dementia.

To collect your free copy of the guide, contact the Home Admissions Adviser at Newbury Grove, Coral Elvin, at [email protected] or contact the Guest Relations Manager at Winchcombe Place, Vicki Lambourne, at vicki.lambourne @careuk. com.


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