Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Endgame Activities Guide


In this guide, you will be guided on Ni No Kuni Cross World Endgame activities. Ni No Kuni Cross World was released a few days ago and caught the attention of Pvp and Pve players. This game has soothing graphics and an amazing world with lots of activities, dungeons and battles

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Endgame Activities

Ni No Kuni Cross World is a mmorpg game in which the player will encounter both PvP and PvE challenges. Ni No Kuni Cross World Endgame has lots of fun activities as well as battles. In Endgmae, you will face field bosses and world bosses. You will also form a kingdom and have dungeons and wars involving your kingdom. Endgame activities and rewards are as follows;

daily training

You will have to make a habit of completing the daily dungeons in the game. They reward you with very important progression materials for pets, equipment, gold, etc.

There are different types of daily tasks to complete. For example, you can protect your pet’s eggs from angry boars where the more enemies you kill, the better your rewards.

You can also escape the giant mantle of fire, fight a pirate captain, and more. Remember that daily quests are tied to your current level. Therefore, the stronger you become, the stronger your enemies become.

Land and world bosses

Get ready to face land and world bosses in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. They will reward you with rare crafting materials and spell books to help you level up your characters. More importantly, land and world bosses are your best source for unique accessories like necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Field bosses are your traditional open-world bosses, meaning they can be encountered while exploring. They are literally on the ground and players can spam them to death as soon as they appear.

World bosses are your instance bosses and are much harder than field bosses. You need 50 players to take on a single world boss. Luckily, you don’t have to literally search for players. You can simply queue up and once the game finds 50 willing players you will all be sent to the world boss of that instance.

PvE (Kingdoms)

Ni no Kuni: Cross World also has a huge guild system called Kingdoms. You can form your own kingdom with friends or join a random one to unlock unique fun activities.

Realms have their own levels and are customizable. Your kingdoms will also be threatened by monster attacks. So, you and your friends must be ready to protect your dungeon at all times by winning challenges such as tower defense and hero defense modes.

Realms also have dungeons where you can fight bosses for rewards and gear. You can use these rewards to further improve your kingdom.

PvP (Kingdom vs. Kingdom)

It’s not just PvE. Realms also support PvP content. Thus, the kingdoms of the same server can compete in different game modes. Your guild can essentially invade another kingdom for example. Be dominant enough and maybe your kingdom will become the server’s capital.

In invasion mode, one kingdom is tasked with destroying the core of the enemy kingdom while the defending kingdom must stop the invading kingdom. There is no limit to the number of players here. You can gather as many invaders and defenders as possible.

In Relic Battles mode, you can be part of a 50v50 battle between two kingdoms. You will use special gear exclusive to the mode and face special bosses during the battle. The kingdom to reach 10,000 points becomes the winner of the week.


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