Now the choice is yours: A guide to Newsday’s recommendations


A Hofstra/Newsday/nextLI survey shows that Long Island voters are eager to send a message to state and federal officials. Early attendance and mail-in ballot returns were strong. Heading to your local polling station on Tuesday will be your last chance to have your say.

Please do so.

In recent weeks, the Editorial Board has released endorsements in 41 races, a state bond proposal and two Suffolk County ballot initiatives. We do not endorse legal races because it is useless; voters don’t really have a choice when parties approve judges. Although no judicial system is free from politics, a state appointment system would be a better mechanism if candidate selection could be wrested from party bosses.

The editorial board, which is separate from Newsday’s news operations, met with the candidates to better understand how they would vote on state and national issues of critical importance to our region. We’ve reviewed each candidate’s past experience, political positions and skills for the positions they seek. Often the choice was not easy. We have selected the most informed candidates, who can work to achieve bipartisan goals and compromises, who want to make our political system work rather than implode it.

Below is a list of our recommendations. We understand that our choices will not be the preference of all our readers. This is why each endorsement also highlights the strengths of the candidates we have not selected. Sometimes, honestly, we think both suck. But you have to make a choice on your ballot, so do we. Our goal is to better inform you to help you decide. The full text of each endorsement is available at

Endorsements are a tradition here and we take it seriously. We are clearly not looking to pick winners, otherwise our scorecard would be higher. We have no loyalty to any party, or to the movement of the moment. Our goal is to serve our community and help readers who want independent candidate verification, someone to help cut through the noise and the sloganeering. Historically, Long Islanders have looked to our section for an informed opinion and that is what we aim to provide. Let the arguments continue.

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS are experienced journalists who offer reasoned, fact-based opinions to encourage informed debate on the issues facing our community.


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