Ooblets: Complete Guide to Buffs/Debuffs


Those who don’t understand how to win a dance competition in Ooblets are going to have a very painful gaming experience. Managing the battle boils down to hitting a point value before the opponent hits it. While this may give the impression that these are raw point totals, this is not entirely accurate.

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Most often, the team that wins the battle wins the buff/debuff fight. Players who stack their bars with the right buffs can get an entire battle’s point value in a single turn. Those who get too many debuffs, on the other hand, might not be able to score a single point even with the strongest cards that Ooblets has to offer.


Buff: Hype

  • Adds an extra point earned for each stack of Hype

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Hype is described in-game as a move that “increases the power of dance moves”. It should be clarified that this only applies to point totals, such as earning or stealing points. Stun moves will not last longer and warm-up moves will not be performed in fewer turns.

Hype is currently the only buff in the game, but it’s a good one. After ten stacks of hype, even at zero points, it is entirely possible to win in a single spin with a good draw.

Debuff: Fluster

  • Adds one less point gained for each stack of Fluster

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It never fails that gamers keep going, enjoying their video games while listening to podcasts, and suddenly, out of nowhere, they lose devastatingly even though the game was so easy before that point.

Fluster does the opposite of what Hype does, taking away a point that would be won by cards. This value can’t go into the negative, but after a dozen stacks of Fluster it becomes almost impossible to earn a single point for the rest of the dance-off. Use Fluster against enemies, and if they use it on the main character’s team, negate the effect by generating Hype as quickly as possible.

Debuff: Trepidation

  • Adds an unnecessary card to the deck for each stack of Trepidation

Especially in battles of three or less ooblets, this debuff can be the equivalent of ruining a player’s entire turn. Teams draw a certain number of cards and this variety plays an important role in victory. If half of the cards they draw are useless, then they are unable to execute a specific strategy.

Be careful as some ooblets offer an advantage at the cost of adding Trepidation to the player’s deck. These don’t usually spin out of control like Hype and Fluster do, but in tighter dances it can be the equivalent of a dizzy spell that can occur at any time.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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