Rajhin, the Purring Liar Tales of Tribute Boss Guide


Rajhin, the Purring Liar is the legendary figure of the Khajiit, and his deck is as baffling to face as the god of thieves himself. The elder scrolls online Tales of Tribute Patron has cards that hinder your opponent, and with the right setup, they might never go above zero Prestige.

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Rahjin is one of four patrons in Tales of Tribute who are not given to players after completing the intro quest for the new elder scrolls online card game. To unlock Rahjin, the Purring Liar, you need to complete the Lady Laurent and Stibbons quest found towards the end of the main game. high island script.


Rajhin, the Purring Liar: Client Preview

  • Favored: Pay 3 coins to put a “Perplexity” card in your opponent’s cooldown pile
  • Neutral: Pay 3 Coins to place a “Perplexity” card in your opponent’s cooldown pile and gain Favored status
  • Disadvantaged: Pay 3 Coins to put a “Perplexity” card in your opponent’s cooldown pile and make the Boss Neutral

Rajhin, the purring liar, is not a mortal like the other Tales of Tribute Patrons. In fact, he is the trickster thief god of the Khajiit. He ascended to godhood after stealing Khajiiti’s Ring from Daedric Prince Mephala while they had sex – if that’s not a worthy origin story for the God of Thieves, nothing is.

His Boss ability allows players to place an unneeded Perplexity card in their opponent’s cooldown pile, which will be shuffled into their deck, for 3 coins. It’s not a directly useful ability, but if you don’t have anything else to spend money on, it’s better than doing nothing. Over time, this can severely hamper your opponent’s ability to unleash high level combos.

Best cards and combos in the game Rajhin

Last name type of action Reading effect Combinations Cost in parts Upgraded from
Grand Larceny Normal Earn 5 coins 2: Knock out 1 of the opponent’s agents 5 Leap and profit
Prowling Shadow Agent (1 Def) Win 1 coin 2: Opponent loses 1 Prestige 5 mocking shadow
moonlight illusion Contract Destroy 1 of your cards in play or in hand 3: Opponent loses 1 Prestige 3 N / A
ring cunning Contract Opponent discards 1 card at start of next turn 2: Draw 1 3: Draw 1, and opponent must discard 1 additional card seven bag of tricks
Twilight celebrations Stock Opponent discards 1 card at start of next turn 2: Remove 3 cards from the Tavern 3: Opponent loses 3 Prestige 4: Draw 3 cards ten N / A

The Rahjin Tales of Tribute deck is all about controlling your opponent’s side of the table more than your own. Rahjin cards reduce your enemy’s Prestige total, cause them to be discarded at the start of their turn, and generally work to turn the odds in Rahjin’s favor no matter how late he is – as long as you can regularly remove them. Combo abilities. The best cards in the Rahjin deck are expensive, so it may take a while to build enough steam to noticeably affect your opponent. In-game card-draw abilities and in-game thinning destruction effects can help you get there faster.

RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online: How to Start the High Isle ChapterThe Grand Larceny card gives a massive 5 piece as well as a Combo ability that can ward off enemy agents. The Moonlit Illusion spell resembles the Ragpicker Contact card and can help you draw useful cards more often, and it also has a Prestige Combo 3 reduction effect. Ring’s Guile is another contract card that forces your enemy to discard and combine combos in card draw and even discard. Twilight Revelry has four combo tiers to control the terrain, and the Prowling Shadow Agent is weak but cheap and helps trigger combos.

Strategies and synergies with other patrons

Rahjin is an interesting patron because his cards don’t necessarily improve other strategies. Instead, other patrons help enhance the unique abilities offered by Rahjin’s deck. Its cards have high combos and require a fairly dedicated deck to fully maximize its potential. To maximize Rahjin combos, try shuffling Duke of Crows, Frandar Hunding, or Psijic Loremaster Celarus cards to sort your deck and prepare the cards you want for the next turn.

Arguably the best patron to pair with Rahjin is Hlaalu, but because consistently landing big combos is so important to the deck, deck-manipulating patrons like Psijic Loremaster Celarus or Red Eagle, King of the Reach are also excellent.

The Hlaalu deck is full of ways to build lots of gold, and Rahjin’s Boss ability costs a decent size 3 to use. If you don’t have anything else useful to spend gold on, filling your opponent’s deck with useless Perplexity cards is a great way to take advantage of that extra income. Celarus cards allow ESO players to preempt and discard cards you don’t need for your cooldown, while Red Eagle removes cards from your deck completely. By getting rid of competing colors and even basic Gold cards, you can ensure more Combos each turn – as long as you have enough cards.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Series X|S

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