Ravel Mental Health releases guide on how social media affects mental health


RENO, NEVADA, USA, April 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ravel Mental Health has released a guide on the impact of social media on mental health. It is an integral part of society and daily life; it has both positive and negative consequences.

No research shows the long-term effects of using social media. However, there are signs that excessive use of social media may lead to an increased risk of anxiety, depression, and other negative feelings that can affect overall health.

Social media is meant to be addictive. It uses the brain’s dopamine response center to keep using social media. Dopamine allows the body to string together pleasurable activities that would like to be repeated in the future.

When people post on their social media and receive positive engagement with likes and comments, they are likely to post again. Some people think it helps them feel confident, so they become addicted to positive responses online when they doubt themselves.

The main reason for social media is to keep people connected. Positive consequences of social media can include:

• Regular communication with friends and family
• Connect with new friends
• Ability to join meaningful causes
• Provide emotional support
• Create vital links
• Leave space for creative expression
• Discover valuable new information

The positive side effects can benefit a person by providing needed social interaction and support when needed. However, negative side effects are just as prevalent, including:

• Compare yourself to others
• Being afraid of missing out (FOMO)
• Increased risk of depression and anxiety
• Experiencing cyberbullying

People can experience positive consequences and limited negative side effects if they recognize when social media is having a negative impact on them. When this is noticed, people can limit their use of social media, which can help minimize side effects.

Those interested in learning more about how to help raise awareness of the mental health side effects of social media can visit the Ravel Mental Health Get Started page to learn more.

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Ravel Mental Health
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