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Photo Times Observer by Josh Cotton Two of the Warren County Visitors Bureau’s most recent promotional efforts – a restaurant guide and a QR code that links directly to the WCVB calendar of events.

Summer is unsurprisingly the busiest season for the Warren County Visitors Bureau.

With a change in management in recent months, this pace is even faster.

“We tried to reach out to the communities,” executive director Casey Ferry said at a board meeting on Thursday.

These discussions focused on how the WCVB can support businesses in these communities.

Ferry said she received a “overwhelmingly positive response” and therefore has already been able to establish direct business links for visitors when contacting the WCVB for information.

There are signs that these first steps are bearing fruit.

“(We have) been very active on social media and have received a lot of comments about it,” Ferry said, noting that many of these measures are ” To skyrocket “, including website visits which nearly doubled from May to June.

“We worked very hard” she says. “We cover many events in the county and broadcast them.”

Another early success is the completion of a county-wide restaurant guide.

“Strangers come all the time” says Ferry, and asks “Where can I eat?”

Guide breaks it down by region. People really like it. A first order of 250 gave way to a second order of 500.

Ferry said the “the idea had been launched to do that” when she started with the WCVB. “Everyone is in there.”

They have also rolled out a QR code that will lead to the event schedule. It will take someone digitizing it to the current calendar, whether it is digitized today or a year from now.

“We plan to take them to the fair”, Ferry said.

Ferry said the WCVB also plans to hold a picnic or get-together for all Airbnb operators in the county to share guides and information for guest packages they can leave for customers.

“That way we can network with them,” she says, “trying to hit a market that is suddenly exploring.”

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