Return to Monkey Island: Trivial Maps Location Guide


Back to Monkey Island is the latest installment in the beloved point-and-click adventure series. Although there was an outcry about Back to Monkey Island changing the art style of older games, fans are still flocking to it and enjoying this new entry. In the game, players can take part in a side quest to find and answer questions from 100 Trivia cards, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge of a series that is over thirty years old.

The unique charm and sense of humor of the monkey island series, like the roast of a trailer of the old scrolls series, has created a very dedicated fanbase, so many gamers who have loved the games for years will likely jump at the chance to get involved in trivia about the beloved series. However, this can be a challenge, as it requires players to find the Trivia cards before they can answer them. With that in mind, here’s where players can locate all the Trivia cards in Back to Monkey Island.

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Getting Started with Trivia Cards in Return to Monkey Island

Players will first need to go to the Scumm Bar on Melee Island and find the Card Trivia Book on the table next to some drunken pirates. Picking up the book also grants the player their very first Trivia card, and from there players can start searching the various islands for the other 99 cards. It should be noted that hitting Tab when reading Back to Monkey Island on PC, or pressing L when playing on Switch will highlight nearby interactive objects, making it easier to spot maps.

It’s worth noting that there aren’t 99 unique card locations to search, rather, after collecting and answering a few Trivia cards, different cards may actually reappear in those locations. This means that the trivia card side quest can be completed as early as Act I. Players can simply take a few laps around Melee Island, picking up and answering trivia cards as they go, so that new ones reappear in their place until the 100 are all. collected.

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Melee Island

Starting from the Scumm Bar on Melee Island right after picking up the Trivia Card Book, there are two inside the main bar, there’s one under a female pirate’s chair and another hidden behind the wooden seagull. There are two more in the bar kitchen – one is on a shelf and the other is on the floor under the table. Outside, there are two on either side of the outside of Scumm Bar, and then one more along the path to the gazebo. At the lookout itself, there are two more maps, one next to the stairs and the other on the right side of the stone arch.

On Low Street, there’s a ground map right next to the Docks entrance and another just under the window of Wally’s Maps-n-More Shop. Next, there are two maps in the International House of Mojo – one on the shelf by the door and the other under the drums. There are four more cards found on the pier, scattered in barrels and crates near the quartermaster.

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On High Street, there is a map outside the rightmost brick house and another inside an alley. Two others are inside the High Street Jail near the cells. Then, in the governor’s mansion, there are two more – one on the sofa and one on the stairs.

There are three more maps scattered outside Stan’s old shop near the shipyard, two more maps in the middle of the road between the forest and the museum, and two more inside the museum itself. . One is next to a sign that says “Museum of Pirate Lore”, and the other is on one of the shelves in the stash.

The last four cards are scattered in the forest area. Because the area is so thick with half the screen often covered, players are probably better off using Tab or L to highlight maps as they pass through.

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LeChuck’s Ship

There are two maps found next to the hatch near the ship’s hold. One is under a nearby crate, the other is in the hinge of the hatch itself. Then, in the ship’s galley, there’s one under the cooktop and one next to the ingredients.

In LeChuck’s personal cabin, there’s a map on the back window and another between the dresser and the statue. Finally, on the deck of the ship, there’s one near the crates stacked at the front of the ship, and two more up high in the Crow’s Nest.

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monkey island

At the bottom of the ocean at the start of Part III, Guybrush comes across two maps as he heads towards Monkey Island. One is in the middle of the walkway after the first screen change, and the other is next to a small grate after the second screen change.

On Monkey Island proper, there are only four map locations in total. One is on the beach which has the tree with the initials L+E carved into it, far to the left side, behind a bush next to a skull. Another is in the Cherry Bush area, next to a fork in the road marked by a pirate flag and the arm of a monkey statue. Finally, the last two are on Volcano Beach, one hidden under some washed up seaweed and the other hidden behind the bushes on the right side of the screen.


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