Rune Factory 5 Cooking Recipe Guide


Cooking is an in-game activity in Rune Factory 5 that players often engage in to create different types of food for healing and buffs. The following Rune Factory 5 cooking recipe guide will tell you all about cooking and related cooking recipes in the game.

How to unlock the kitchen in Rune Factory 5

The kitchen will not be available from the start of the game. You will need to unlock it by completing a series of tasks.

Start by talking to Saint Eliza in Rigbarth Outpost, then choose a license. To take the Culinary License test, you must pay 200p.

You will be able to access the kitchen after answering the basic questions. The license will also allow you to purchase a cooktop from Studio Palmo. The answers will be very simple, you will need a kitchen table, more RP to cook and more meals to prepare.

You can also take the Pro Cooking license test after spending 500p in Saint Eliza. If you answer the questions correctly, you will be able to acquire a new cooktop from Studio Palmo and add additional ingredients, vegetables and other elements.

The answers are also quite simple. Vegetables, Edible Ingredients, Cooking at a higher level, and Cooking with a higher RP are the answers you need to give in that specific order.

How to unlock cooking recipes in Rune Factory 5

Remember that you can create new cooking recipes by simply combining different ingredients. You can unlock new recipes and save RP points by buying and using bread.

Keep in mind that preparing a new dish may require purchasing additional cooking equipment or unlocking a license.


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