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(RNS) – With Mother’s Day falling on a Sunday every year – this year it’s May 8 – many churches are trying to honor mums in their congregations during weekly services.

The world’s scriptures include a number of stories about mothers, who are often the first to pass on the faith to their children. Many regard the work of mothering as sacred work and experience the love of God in the love of their mother.

As the quote attributed to author Rudyard Kipling says, “God couldn’t be everywhere, and that’s why he created mothers.”

However, Mother’s Day is not really a religious holiday. And it can be embarrassing or painful for many, including – but not limited to – women who want to be mothers, mothers who have suffered pregnancy loss or the death of a child, couples struggling with the infertility and people who have strained relationships with their own parents. or children.

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But there are many thoughtful ways that individuals and places of worship can celebrate those who do the work of mothering.

Here are some gift ideas for mothers of many faiths.

Expected meditation app

Expectful describes itself as a “haven of holistic care for moms: hopeful, expectant and new”. Give a mindful Mother’s Day with a subscription to her app, which offers meditations for those with many different journeys to motherhood.

‘Mummy Saints’ Art Print

The stories of the saints feature a number of mothers. This print of a watercolor from the Etsy shop Light Bearer Designs depicts five: Saint Monica, Saint Gianna, the Virgin Mary, Saint Felicity, and Saint Perpetua.

Crystals for Moms

Moms will take whatever help they can to ease their concerns. There’s a crystal for that in this collection of crystals especially for mothers by Etsy shop Moonvibe Crystals.

“Someone But A Mother” door Erin S. Lane

Growing up Catholic, author Erin S. Lane writes that she had “two options for a life well lived: Mother or Mother Superior.” Lane challenges the worldview of “maternal exception” in her new book “Someone Other Than a Mother,” breaking down the stigma and reminding readers that there are many meaningful paths for women.

hijabi mom mug

There’s not enough coffee in the world for mothers of sleep deprived newborns. A morning cup is a start. This Etsy Productivity Girl mug features a portrait of a hijabi mother holding her infant son with the words, “All I am today I owe to my mother.”

The Happy Givers Jesus-Women Collection

“Jesus protected women. Empowered women. …and spoke of women as role models. Our turn.” This inspirational message is available on apparel, prints, tote bags, mugs and more by Christian nonprofit The Happy Givers, and all proceeds support its children’s home at Peru, reconstruction projects in Puerto Rico and other projects.

Star of David Charm Bracelet

Jewelry is always a popular Mother’s Day gift. This charm bracelet from the Swedish Beauty Design Etsy shop includes “Mom” and Star of David charms, as well as customizable charms with letters and birthstones. It can also be transformed into a necklace or a key ring.

‘Rewilding Motherhood’ by Shannon K. Evans

Just as environmentalists seek to regenerate the earth by returning it to its natural state, author Shannon K. Evans invites women to regenerate motherhood through what she calls “empowered female spirituality.” Her book “Rewilding Motherhood: Your Path to an Empowered Feminine Spirituality” was released last September.

“We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn” t-shirt

Celebrate the strength of the female witches in your life with this Etsy shop SmashGlam t-shirt featuring the message “We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn.”

Card “Heaven is at your mother’s feet”

Don’t forget to send a card to mom! This card from The Muslim Card Shop on Etsy features a lovely floral design and a saying attributed to the Prophet Muhammad: “Heaven is at your mother’s feet”.

“Jesus Calls Moms” by Sarah Young

The most recent episode of author Sarah Young’s popular “Jesus Calling” series is “Jesus Calling for Moms: Devotions for Strength, Comfort and Encouragement.” The book is a compilation of devotions from the series along with a new introduction and a prayer for moms; logging prompts and questions; and space to write thoughts.

Zodiac Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t like to relax with a hot bath? These gift sets from Etsy shop The House on White Oak are packed with stickers and spa products inspired by Mom’s zodiac sign.

Woman of Valor Print

Need a last minute gift to celebrate the special woman in your life? Print and frame this minimalist artwork from the Etsy shop Hebrew Art Prints featuring a verse from Proverbs 31 in Hebrew and English: “She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”

Rooted for Good Sugar Scrubs

Rise and shine with a revitalizing trio of all-natural sugar scrubs by Rooted for Good in scents like lavender mint, rosemary mint and coffee. A portion of the proceeds from all Rooted for Good purchases supports a family of Catholic missionaries.

Gathering of Hope tote bag

Not all moms will have a good Mother’s Day. Let those who are grieving know you are thinking of them with a Timely Tender tote from Gathering of Hope, a Christian non-profit organization that supports mothers who have experienced pregnancy and baby loss. Each tote bag contains a blanket, teas, journal, Bible cards and other comforting items.

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