Strategy Triangle: Chapter 11, Part 2


Always the heroes, Serenoa and his acolytes elected do not dump the Roselle as human remains to the tyranny of Hizante. War is therefore inevitable, and House Wolffort knows it perfectly well; but an unexpected enemy will soon rise before them, drunk on Hyzante’s whispered promises.

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As always, the cogs of a branching narrative turn Triangle strategy. Whatever happens next, blood will flow on the fertile soil of the hidden village of Roselle – armed with our guide, you can ensure it won’t be yours.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Triangle Strategy Chapter 11 Part 2 Main Story 1

The group reunites to discuss the clear ramifications of their “betrayal” against Hyzante. Saint Serenoa won’t exactly earn brownie points for this blatant act of defiance. News soon arrives via the ever-reliable Anna that an unknown enemy is marching their switchboard towards Roselle.


Main story: the village of Rosellan

Triangle Strategy Chapter 11 Part 2 Main Story 2

In Rosellan Village, a ruthless mercenary named Rufus stands before Jerrom and his peers, delivering the inevitable ultimatum. If you listen to the English dub of Triangle Strategy, Jerrom is defiant. If you listen to the game in Japanese, Jerrom sounds pretty much like he’s going to crack Rufus’s skull on the spot. Just a little anecdote.

Sub Story: Royal Palace of Hyzante

Triangle Strategy Chapter 11 Part 2 Side Story Hyzante Silvio

Milo confirms that she took care of Idore’s directive to goad the ever-envious Silvio Telliore into helping Hyzante remove the Roselles from their village in the Wolffort Demesne.

Battle Event: Save Roselle

Triangle Strategy Chapter 11 Part 2 Before the Battle

Well, it was inevitable the moment House Wolffort chose to protect Roselle. But the identity of the enemy was far from being concluded; it is above all Silvio’s crude jealousy that is to blame here.

Remember that Triangle Strategy battle suggested levels are always a tall order. You do not have need be at level 18 to win, but you To do need to be prepared. Proceed to camp, checking that you have no one eligible for promotion (and the required medal). If you really want to hit that high of 18, take part in some mental battle simulations. But the most important thing is to keep your weapons as up to date as possible.

Preview of the battle

Recommended level 18
enemies Silvio, Rufus, 14 other units
Deployment Deployment limit: 10 Units
Compulsory units: Serenoa, Roland
Recommended units: Corentin, Erador, Hughette, Archibald
Goal Defeat all enemies.
Booty Medal of Bravery
Earring of Resurrection
Difficulty ★★★ (3/5)

If you’re new to Rufus – he appears multiple times on either side of the narrative closet – know that he’s as hard to beat as he looks, which is to say, pretty much. What keeps this battle from reaching five or even four stars in our difficulty analysis, then, is the fact that this is a tough climb for the enemy, not for the Serenoa sequel. Silvio’s mob has a limited number of avenues to reach you, and we’re going to keep them all closed off as best we can. Let’s go.

Main story: the village of Rosellan

Triangle Strategy Chapter 11 Part 2 After the Battle

Often, the most dangerous scenes in Triangle Strategy end when resident assassin Anna rushes in for a killing blow. Silvio, however, takes things too far for the relatively calm Serenoa Wolffort, and before you know it, House Telliore has fallen directly under House Wolffort’s dominant blade. Let this be a lesson to everyone from Glenbrook to Chris Rock: don’t insult this man’s beloved.

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