Stray Sheet Music & Meowlody Trophy Guide


The highly anticipated new game Wander is finally here, and as with most modern video game releases on major consoles, the title brings with it a new and exciting list of trophies up for grabs for the PlayStation 4 and 5. Wander already garnering a lot of positive reviews regarding its gameplay and story, and interesting features are being discovered, such as the protagonist can cuddle other cats, for many audiences, Trophy Hunting is a big part of the appeal of any new game .

Given that Wander has just become the most searched game on Steam, there will undoubtedly be more than a few Trophy Hunting people. One of the most complex PlayStation trophies for Wander, called “Meowlody”, asks players to find eight different pieces of music scattered around the game and match them to a Morusque character name. Collectible trophies and achievements can be some of the hardest to get in any video game, so here’s a quick guide to help players get the “Meowlody” trophy.

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Sheet music 1/8

The first of the partitions is in Momo’s apartment, a place the player will naturally visit during the story after meeting the Guardian. In the apartment, players can find a door with bars at the bottom that the cat can pass through to enter a storage closet. Climb to a high shelf in this room to find the first sheet music page.

Scores 2/8

The second partition is not too far from the first. Exit Momo’s apartment through the window and a balcony can be seen on some rooftops. Players should head to this balcony, where they will find a small table next to some outdoor chairs. The sheet music page is just above this table.

Sheet music 3/8

For the third piece of sheet music, head to the ground almost directly under the balcony where the second page was. There, look for a pair of robots named Kory and Gwap who are sitting on the ground wrapped in blankets. Right next to these robots is a door, and if players scratch it, the robot inside will open it. Once the door is open, go inside and the sheet music is attached to a large board against the back wall.

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Sheet music 4/8

Return to the Guardian and turn left to return to Morusque, the robot who wants all those partitions. Right in front of Morusque are a pair of vending machines. Make the cat interact with the vending machines and he will receive an energy drink. Bring this energy drink to the merchant on the other side of the keeper, and players can purchase page four of the score in exchange for this energy drink.

Scores 5/8

For page five of the scores, players will need to go to the Duffer Bar. Facing the Guardian, turn around and look for a robot leaning against an empty, red vending machine. The door to the bar is right next to this robot. Go inside, run upstairs and this sheet music page is on one of the tables.

Scores 6/8

Then, head back outside and then up to the roof of the Duffer Bar. Look for a window with a bright red Chinese lantern hanging next to it and a symbol resembling a scowling face painted on the wall. Jump into this window, then go through the wooden sliding door at the back of the room. There, players will find a bed with a shelf next to it. Page six of the score is on that shelf.

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Sheet music 7/8

Go back through that same window with the Chinese lantern and climb some rooftops until there’s a clear view of a blue-green neon sign with the same scowling face symbol. This panel marks the entrance to a library where the seventh score is located. Enter and look for a piano in the center of the room. The score is just above this piano.

Sheet music 8/8

For the final score, players must once again return to the Guardian and head in the same direction as the Vending Machines found earlier. Continue past them and into a dark corner on the far left, where players will find a large pile of trash and rubble with a locked safe on the floor. Players can remove the sticky note from the vault and follow a short quest if they want to find the vault combination on their own, but for those who don’t, the combination is 1283. Either way , open the safe and find the last sheet music page inside.

Unlock the trophy

Now that players have all eight partitions, they will need to return them all to the Morusque character. Players will have already passed Morusque at least once by this point, if they haven’t spoken to him already, but just in case a callback is needed, he’s in front of the vending machines to the left of the Guardian. Once players have all eight pieces of the score and hand them over to Morusque, the “Meowlody” Trophy will be theirs.


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