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Stray has a lot of unlockable achievements as you progress. Most of them are pretty easy while some require you to find a side activity like dunking a basketball.

If you are looking for a 100% completion playthrough you will also need to unlock several hidden achievements. Rather, they are feats of strength to do something specific in a chapter. For example, make sure you don’t get caught by bugs in Chapter 2 or sentries in Chapter 10.

The following guide will tell you where all the hidden achievements are and how to unlock them in Stray.

How to Unlock All Hidden Achievements in Stray

There is a total of 11 hidden achievements in the game to unlock and just like the game itself, are not too difficult. However, if you mess up, you can always reload from a previous checkpoint to try again.


There are several sentries hovering around the factory in Chapter 10. You need to use stealth to sneak past 15 sentries to unlock the hidden Sneakitty achievement.

Note that sentry drones are looking for intruders in the factory. If they detect you, their spotlight will change from blue to yellow or red. If this happens, you can always restart from the previous checkpoint to try again.

I can’t catch myself

You need to dodge all the bugs in Chapter 2 to unlock the Can’t Cat-Ch Me achievement. This will require you to have agility, speed, and a watchful eye.

If you get caught, you’ll get a prompt to get rid of bugs. If this happens, you must start over from a previous checkpoint for the hidden achievement.

It is recommended to avoid moving in a straight line. Improve your chances of avoiding insects by moving in a crisscross or zigzag pattern.


You can unlock the Pacifist achievement in Chapter 8. To unlock it, you’ll need to refrain from killing any of those sneaky glowing-eyed bugs with your purple flashlight. Once you manage to leave the area without killing, you will get the achievement.


To unlock Scratch, head straight to the nightclub. Near one of the tables you will find a record player. Pick it up and place it on the record player just on the main stage. Now just interact with the player to scratch the vinyl.


Another easy achievement you should unlock is Catwalk. This could be done in Chapter 10 by finding Midtown. As soon as you enter the neon decorated street you will get it.


The simplest achievement of all, Al-Cat-Raz can be unlocked in the first part of Chapter 11 simply by going to Blockades at the start of Chapter 2.

Missed jump

In Chapter 2, a player just needs to escape the sewers and enter the city area. Then, Congratulations, you have unlocked the Missed Jump achievement.

Not alone

During Stray Chapter 3, at the exact moment you encounter the robot droid B-12, this achievement will automatically unlock.

You gave your tongue to the cat

Translate any robot by commanding the droid B-12, you will just unlock the achievement.

Open your eyes

During Chapter 12, after completing the game, simply open the town to unlock the Eye Opener achievement.

I remember!

Last but not least, the I Remember achievement can be unlocked once you have collected all B-12 Memories. It also requires getting your hands on energy drinks and sheet music.


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