Tainted Grail: Conquest – Complete Weapon Master’s Guide


Of all the villagers, few offer benefits equivalent to the weapon master in Tainted Grail: Conquest. It has lots of options with which players can customize their decks. Unfortunately, the number of options can be overwhelming unless players understand what to prioritize.

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To add to the complexity, this currency, Card Shreds, is among the most difficult to obtain, so each upgrade should be considered carefully for potentially better alternatives. This is what everyone needs to know about the Weapons Master and how he can help them beat Tainted Grail: Conquest.


Cultivate Card Shreds

Tainted Grail Conquest Choose to cancel collecting a card when leveling up

The sooner players start accumulating card shreds the better off they will be as it is one of the hardest currencies to obtain. Map shreds are awarded when players press cancel instead of choosing a map after leveling up. Giving away too many maps can take this game from one of the best RPGs on Game Pass to one of the worst in a hurry.

Some classes, like Sentinel, don’t need a lot of extra cards to be great, which can be a good option for farming card shreds. Basically, whenever the offered cards are not interesting, just pass them up for some of that currency which will definitely be more vital in the long run.

Special Card: Tactical Mastery

Tainted Grail Conquest Acquire Weapon Master's Tactical Mastery Card

Different classes will have different ratings for the special card offered by the master-at-arms. But players can’t figure out what it is because the game doesn’t say so explicitly. It’s mysteries like this that make PC RPGs so immersive.

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The card is Tactic Mastery, which costs nothing to play, discards the entire card, then allows players to redraw a disc where each card costs one energy less. As it is a neutral card, it can only be used once per combat session, so players will have mixed feelings about its value.

Drawing more cards each turn is the top priority

Conquest of the Tinted Grail Choose more cards each round First round

RPG fans are excited about the sequels and Tainted Grail: Conquest is hopefully just the start of an amazing series. Some villagers might not make the trip to the next installment in the series, but the master-at-arms, or someone like him, will have cemented his legacy with a single upgrade.

The first upgrade players should get from the Weapon Master is also one of the most expensive investments in the game. But getting an extra card every turn is too good to pass up. It’s a much better upgrade than one that only draws extra cards on the first turn, even though it’s cheaper.

Deleting cards is essential for some characters

Conquest of the Tinted Grail Choose the apostate from the selection screen

Generally speaking, since players can refuse cards as they level up, removing a card from play isn’t worth the cost. There are, of course, cards that aren’t ideal, but they can generally be ignored until they’re actively destructive.

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That being said, some character classes essentially require removing cards from their base deck. The Apostate, for example, uses the front and back of cards, so a bad card counts as an additional punishment. Make room for good cards by removing bad ones for certain classes.

New and duplicate cards are usually a bad bet

Tainted Grail Conquest Avoid new and duplicate map purchases

Duplicating cards and having more cards to choose from are good things. No one will claim they are bad. If they were offered for free every time, players should definitely take advantage of the mechanic at the weapon master. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

One card draw starts at one hundred riches and one card duplication starts at two hundred riches then doubles after each buy. Keep in mind that every hundred riches equals one gold token at the end of a run, so these purchases come at the expense of the permanent and vital currencies used by the scientist. Best to leave things as they are.

Tainted Grail: Conquest was released on May 27, 2021 and is available for PC.

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