The 9th Street Chronicle Guide


With a new school year underway, you’ve probably settled into your routine of student life. The Chronicle has you covered if you want to explore part of Ninth Street, located just a few blocks from the East Campus, and venture into the town of Bull.

Visit restaurants and cafes

If you want to take a break from campus cooking (or want to save some food points), there are plenty of off-campus options to explore. Here’s a little about what Ninth Street has to offer when it comes to food.

Craving chicken? If so, Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken is the place to be. A “healthier alternative” to fast food, Alpaca is known for its Peruvian “Pollo a la Brasa” style roast chicken cooked over natural charcoal, made to order and its Latin-inspired sides.

Pincho Loco is a great place to visit if you want to satisfy a sweet tooth! Here, ice cream and popsicles with native Latin flavors are sold, and dairy and non-dairy options are available for customers.

Maybe you’ve had enough of the usual study spots in Perkins and Rubenstein and would like to try somewhere different. Look no further than the Triangle Coffee House, which offers many varieties of organic coffee as well as a welcoming environment to study and relax.

Shop, but maybe not until you drop

Ninth Street also offers plenty of places to shop.

Can’t find any selection of books on campus to your liking or needs? No need to drive to Barnes & Noble! Instead, head to Regulator Bookstore, an independent bookstore that buys and sells a variety of new and used books. The bookstore also offers students a 10% discount on most titles.

Maybe you want to buy sunflowers for a friend. If so, visit local company Ninth Street Flowers, which sources flowers from the Triangle and California, Ecuador and Holland. They offer a wide selection of flowers for many events and occasions, so there is something for every customer.

And, of course, no Ninth Street shopping list is complete without Harris Teeter at The Shops at Erwin Mill. Although not a local business, Harris Teeter is a great place to get your typical groceries, especially if there’s a drink or snack you can’t find in stores on campus. And if you sign up for a VIC card, you can get a helpful discount.

For a full list of Ninth Street businesses and destinations as of 2019, you can visit the Discover Ninth Street website.


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