The Aspiring Marketer’s Guide to Dentsu’s New Media Experience Program


This story is part of Adweek’s new series on agency scholarship programs. As agencies continue to face a talent shortage, many recent graduates or retrainers are looking to break into the industry. In this series, we cover programs for entry-level marketers at top agencies.

Today, Dentsu announced The Media Experience, its eight-week media learning program that covers US agencies Dentsu Media Carat, Dentsu X and iProspect and will include three cohorts this year. Dentsu expects to hire more than 200 employees each year through the new program.

Created to break down barriers to entry into the advertising industry, the program welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including recent graduates, military veterans, career changers, and individuals who re-enter the labor market.

A small but growing number of large agencies are removing college degrees from the hiring requirements of similar programs, and Dentsu is one of them, although it is still rare for agencies to waive the prerequisite.

“You don’t need a college degree to work in advertising. With The Media Experience, we open the door for different types of talent to join us at Dentsu and learn the skills needed to succeed in media careers through on-the-job training. We’re excited to help future-proof talent pipelines, not just for Dentsu’s media agencies, but for our industry, in a way like never before,” said Doug RosenCEO of Denstu Media, Americas in a statement.

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The agency piloted the program last year and its first cohort is currently underway. It includes employees with and without college degrees, some with internship experience and others who have realized an interest in media while working in other fields, from hospitality to IT and retail. .

To make the interview process easier and fairer, program recruiters have been trained to ask questions that assess candidates’ potential rather than their technical skills.

“I think internships are usually the way a lot of people get into advertising careers. Internships are fun, but they’re usually skewed in the sense that they’re relationship-based,” Rozen told Adweek. think this type of learning program removes that bias and allows us to attract more diverse, open and inclusive pathways for talent.”

The program is divided into two four-week sections. The Dentsu team opted for this format following the 2021 pilot.

During the first four weeks, employees will receive comprehensive industry training before being aligned over the final four weeks with a specific vocation, whether strategy, buying or otherwise. They will learn how to perform the role through hands-on account experience.

“What we almost spent too much time on [during the pilot]is about professional training or part two, without setting the stage and understanding the importance of media basics training and understanding the industry,” Rozen said.

Employees can use Dentsu’s on-demand media training, Dentsu University, and earn certifications through Dentsu partners Google, The Trade Desk, and Microsoft.

“At the end, you’re aligned with an open roll that we have on an existing client,” Rozen said.

TLDR: See program details, including how to apply, in our Q&A with Dentsu below.

When did Dentsu find the program?

The Media Experience is Dentsu Media’s eight-week learning program aimed at breaking down barriers for people to enter the industry.

How many cohorts do you welcome each year?

Dentsu will welcome three cohorts in 2022 and plans to continue the program in 2023 and beyond, with the goal of hiring more than 200 new employees per year through The Media Experience.

How long is The Media Experience?

The eight-week apprenticeship helps accelerate media careers and begins with four weeks of basic media training, learning about the industry, the Dentsu organization, and developing powerful skills such as emotional intelligence, time management, communication and success in a hybrid work environment. The next four weeks consist of bespoke training in role-specific capabilities, including on-demand training through Dentsu University, as well as training and certifications with partners such as Google, The Trade Desk and Microsoft. To foster a sense of belonging, cohorts walk through the program together and participate in team-building sessions, including socials, small-group mentoring, and special events hosted by Dentsu senior management.

What does your program pay and do employees receive benefits?

Media Experience apprentices are non-exempt salaried employees (paid for all overtime hours worked) and are eligible for Dentsu’s excellent benefits and health benefits such as paid vacation and time off, retirement savings, family leave and more.

How many employees are you hiring or planning to hire for each class?

Dentsu’s current cohort includes approximately two dozen employees.

What percentage of your bottom class of program employees is historically underrepresented?

Because we are in our first cohort, we do not yet have a large enough data set to report on, but the goal of the program is to attract talent from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and career paths. .

Is a university degree required to apply for The Media Experience?

No. The media experience paves the way for talent without technical or professional expertise to join the advertising industry while meeting business needs, welcoming newcomers from various pipelines, including parents re-entering the work, military veterans, those in other industries looking to reach out to the media. , recent university graduates and those without a university degree.

How long does the application process take from start to finish?

On average, the application and interview process takes 10-14 days.

What should candidates prepare as part of the hiring process?

Media Experience candidates face a redesigned interview process focused on identifying candidates who have a track record of accomplishment, show potential, and are eager to enter the industry and learn. A group of trained Dentsu Media interviewers, including HR and team leaders, were retrained to ask specific questions that assess potential, rather than skills, intentionally removing bias from the process. Prior to interviews, candidates receive information about our end-to-end interview process and tips to prepare for success. Interviews are conducted by a pre-selected and trained Media Experience interview team who understand the objectives of the program, know the requirements of applicants, and are committed to self-awareness and inclusivity during the interview process. Candidates meet with two interviewers for 45-60 minutes each for further discussion and the interviewers submit their assessments to recruiters immediately after the interviews.

What percentage of your cohort receives full-time offers at the end of your program?

All apprentices have the option of remaining as full-time employees pending successful completion of the program. The Media Experience provides hands-on industry and professional training and integration into full-time openings on existing client teams, working on media planning, paid research, investing and programming on existing client teams .

When are you hiring your next cohort?

We accept applications on a rolling basis. To be considered for our next cohort, which will begin in July, applications must be submitted by May 31.

You can apply for The Media Experience here.

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