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The Planet Crafter is a new open-world survival game in Early Access. Players must terraform a planet to make it hospitable to human life.

The maker of the planet is a new open-world survival game that asks players to terraform a planet to make it habitable for human life. The game, created by an independent developer called Miju Games, is similar to Subnautical in that players will be able to explore the ecosystem of a single planet as they survive, collect and build new technologies to establish a hospitable biosphere. While The maker of the planet is only available in its early access phase at the moment, the final version of the game will feature a story revolving around the planet filled with explorable secrets.

As players continue to build new structures on the edge of the planet, one thing they won’t have to worry about is any sort of on-planet or off-planet combat system. Although it challenges some of the features typically associated with an open-world survival game, The maker of the planet focuses solely on creating a livable environment on an otherwise barren planet. The game remains in early access, however, but the developer expects the final product to be a relaxing experience of more than 30 hours of terraforming and exploring the planet, according to a press release from Miju Games.


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While terraformers don’t have to worry about other signs of life challenging their presence, they will have to worry about generating a constant supply of food, water, and oxygen. Each of these has its own “health bar” which slowly depletes over time, although water and oxygen deplete faster than food. Terraformers will have crafted drinking water, food growers, and oxygen canisters to ensure they have a steady supply of all necessary materials. While other lifeforms are not an issue, there is always the possibility of in-game death from a number of sources in The maker of the planet.

How to survive in Planet Crafter

How to survive in Planet Crafter

The maker of the planet has four difficulties for players to choose from, but in all difficulties terraformers will die instantly if the oxygen bar completely depletes. Depending on the difficulty, this can force players to lose their gear and recover it from their death site, they will lose their gear completely, or the save file will be completely erased. Luckily, the heads-up display contains different tasks that terraformers can follow to make sure they have what they need to get started, but players should start on the “Relaxing” or “Standard” difficulties to get started.

As players build structures to survive, The maker of the planet will likely feel more simplistic than other games in the genre, and that’s intentional. Miju Games has explicitly stated that its goal for the release of version 1.0, the final version, will contain a map at least 50% larger, a vehicle to travel, a completed story arc, more environmental threats and early creatures such as insects. , fish and amphibians. Additionally, their goal is to add new technologies, special events, and planetary secrets with each update as the game continues to grow from the early development stage.

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The maker of the planet is available for PC.

Source: Miju Games/Steam


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