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It seems a bit unfair to talk about Erling Haaland when discussing Alvarez, and the Argentine could be forgiven for being a little tired of it, but it helps explain his start to life in European football with Manchester City.

Haaland got into Premier League football like a duck to water, which isn’t surprising considering he’s changed clubs quite often, speaks the language, knows the country, etc., etc. .

Alvarez doesn’t have that experience and naturally takes a little longer to show his full potential, but he’s really created his own buzz despite playing far less playing time than Haaland.

His traits have quickly become apparent, he just hasn’t had many chances to show them yet as he adapts to a new continent, a new language and Guardiola’s game plan. He is, however, arguably better suited to Pep Guardiola’s style of play than Haaland, stylistically speaking.

He is incredibly aggressive, with and without the ball. When he presses, he doesn’t give defenders a moment’s peace and will chase goalkeepers all day. With the ball, if there is an opportunity to face a man, or space to rush in, he will not hesitate.

Technically, he is excellent and can finish strong with both feet. Guardiola constantly says he has a sense of arriving at exactly the right place at the right time in the box, like Haaland, although his goalscoring tally does not yet reflect the ability to hit the back of the net he has shown at River Plate.

That will surely come with time in Manchester and could well be highlighted with his country in Qatar.

In terms of perfect style for City, his ability to leave the front line as a false nine and tie up play is very impressive. As this graphic shows, he advances the ball in a variety of ways, including showing up for a pass from his teammates. Although this is something Haaland needs to improve in his game, Alvarez has been doing it for years.

The fact that he’s also able to move the ball around the pitch with passing and dribbling shows just how many facets there are to his game, and it won’t be long before he’s the headline-grabber. newspapers.

Sam Lee


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