The Woods at Parkside publishes a guide to the ten most common addictive drugs used by teenagers


GAHANNA, OHIO, USA, July 5, 2022 / — The Woods at Parkside has released a guide to the ten most common addictive drugs used by teens. It explains why teens abuse drugs, the signs to look for as a parent, and the drugs most abused by teens.

Some teens feel compelled to use drugs because of the environment they are in or the emotions they are feeling. This can sometimes be difficult for them as they are aware of some of the risks associated with drug use, but may still use it. They may use drugs for reasons such as a desire to fit in with their peers, the pursuit of pleasure, the management of emotional or physical pain, curiosity or experimentation, or the use of an enhancer performance for school or sport.

Some signs that parents should look for in their teen for possible drug abuse include:

• Withdrawing from family and friends
• Feeling tired often
• Having a depressed mood
• Show more hostility than usual
• Hang out with a different crowd
• Not taking care of their grooming
• Does not do well in school
• Absence from classes or entire school days
• Lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed
• Changes in their sleep schedule
• Changes in eating habits
• Relationships with friends and family deteriorate
• Spend time and money getting drugs

The signs can help parents or other adults identify when a teen is abusing drugs. This will allow them to get the help they need before drug use seriously affects their lives.

The ten most common drugs used by teens include:

• Cannabis
• Prescription amphetamines
• Spice/ K2
• Prescription painkillers
• DXM cough syrup
• Sedatives and tranquilizers
• Hallucinogens
• MDMA (ecstasy)
• Salvia
• Inhalants

The Woods at Parkside is a residential detox and recovery facility that can help people with addictions in Gahanna, Ohio. The staff includes doctors, nurses, and therapists who work together to create a treatment plan that helps drug-related challenges. If someone or someone they know is struggling with drug addiction, they can visit the Woods at Parkside website to learn more about treatment options.

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