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Thymesia can be difficult and unforgiving, even for experienced players. This game will undoubtedly give you a hard time from the beginning because you have to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, but more importantly, because you will meet the first real boss, Odur.

This enemy moves fast, has fast attacks, can hit you from a distance, and has two combat phases. If you haven’t paid enough attention to the game’s interface and think that once you beat it for the first time you’re done, you’ll be instantly wrong. Odur’s health bar will replenish and the boss will become even more aggressive.

You need to carefully study his devastating moves, trying to keep a safe distance and deflecting them when he approaches, but it won’t be an easy task. Luckily, we’ve already done the hard work, so here’s our guide to defeating Odur in Thymesia.

Odur the Trail Master: Boss Preview

Odur’s attacks are incredibly fast and deal a lot of damage. He is equipped with a cane sword and a deck of cards that he throws at you from a distance. He also relies heavily on his kicks, which can hit you in no time. This boss fight takes place in two phases, the second being much more difficult than the first.

Odur Boss Fight: Moveset and Strategies

One of Odur’s most common attacks is with his Cane Sword, which he will swing at you twice and then aim to stab you. You can deflect or dodge it twice (make sure you’ve unlocked the Short Dodge talent before you start the fight), but parrying its moves will make it easier to counter attacks. He also lands powerful kicks in quick succession, holding his hat in one hand. If you manage to dodge them, the boss will be vulnerable for a short time, so you will have time to damage it.

When his health bar is close to around 60% in the first phase, he will back up and start throwing cards at you. You can easily dodge them once you learn his timing and start moving towards him so you can perform quick saber attacks or damage him with your equipped plague weapon. We recommend using the hammer as it deals good damage and wounds, or the halberd, which will deal three consecutive hits. If you have already unlocked the Plague Weapon Lv2 talent, you can use two Plague Weapons during the fight, alternating between them depending on the situation.

After successfully defeating Odur in the first phase of the fight, you will face him again in the more difficult second phase. His attacks will be faster and he will perform a five-hit combo frequently, dealing massive amounts of damage to you if you fail to deflect his moves. However, if you succeed, you will have time to attack him as he will stop and recover for a few seconds. During this phase, Odur will also perform his ultimate attack, which cannot be deflected or dodged. As soon as you see a red line coming from him, try to get as far away from the Ringmaster as possible. If you get caught, you’ll take a lot of damage, and if you don’t have more than half your health bar filled, you’ll die. Keep your distance though, because even if you don’t get caught by his ultimate attack, it will end with an explosion that will cover a large area of ​​the battlefield.

Tips for winning the fight against odors

Whenever you see an open spot, perform quick saber attack combos to slowly but inevitably drain its white health. After that, you need to use your claw to damage your enemy’s wounds and decrease their green health bar as well. When it comes to Plague Weapons, you should either equip the Hammer or the Halberd (or both, if you have the Plague Weapons Lv2 talent unlocked) and use them whenever possible. Make sure you know how to effectively deflect enemy attacks before starting the boss fight. If not, you should practice around until you feel confident enough.

If you’re feeling too vulnerable and want to unlock other talents first, take your time farming Memory Shards in the Sea of ​​Trees and start the boss fight when you’re ready. Enemies near the last Beacon of this level will grant you around 1000 memories over a few minutes each time you complete your course.

And if you still need advice on playing Thymesia, you can find our beginner’s guide here.

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