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The search for a Building Genshin Impact Tighnari? Genshin Impact’s newest character is becoming an arc character that focuses on elemental reactions with his charged attack and skills. As a primary DPS, Tighnari should deal a lot of damage with the help of her team.

Elemental Mastery and Offense are two main stats that will help Tighnari deal the damage he should deal. The best tighnari building guide details the best team compositions, weapons, and artifact sets for this highly anticipated upcoming character.


Artifacts and weapons suggested in this guide are all subject to change as they are based on unconfirmed information reported by the Version 3.0 closed beta. The next update brings substantial changes to the game with the introduction of Dendro, so the theoretical versions have not been fully tested.

Genshin Impact Tighnari DPS Building

Tighnari appears to be Dendro’s first DPS character, and there are signs that he’s particularly powerful. It looks like he’s going to benefit a lot from Elemental Mastery, as one of his talents, Scholarly Blade, increases the damage of his Elemental Burst and Charged Attack by 0.05% for each point of EM he has, for a maximum bonus of 50%.

Other than that, you might want to look at Tighnari’s ability to trigger Dendro reactions with her charged attack and elemental skill. With a large amount of Elemental Mastery, any amount of Elemental Reactions will help him deal more damage.

For talent levels, his normal attack has the highest priority, then his elemental explosion, and finally his elemental skill.

Best Tighnari Team Composition


Tighnari wants to trigger elemental reactions. His high elemental mastery is going to make that pretty obvious, so if that’s the case, why not take advantage of it? Since Tighnari will want to be the character that deals a damage truck with his abilities and charged attack, he will be the main DPS on the team.

So who can activate this? For Tighnari, it seems like the best way for him to do more damage is to use the Aggravate/Spread reactions. For this we want an Electro Sub-DPS.

Here’s an example of a team composition that takes advantage of these reactions (catalyze, escalate, and spread):

  • Fischl/Yae Miko
  • Tighnari
  • Sucrose
  • Dori

As sub-DPS, Fischl and Yae Miko play the same role: you want them to drop their elemental skills on the battlefield and disable them so Tighnari can deal damage and trigger catalysis reactions. Sucrose is also a great choice as another sub-DPS as it increases the Elemental Mastery of team characters when triggering Swirl; it’s a great way to build up Tighnari’s Elemental Mastery. Dori as a healer can be replaced with any other medium, however, she also has her merits – namely her lamp which can regenerate the energy she is connected to.

Best Tighnari Weapons

This information has been marked as speculative as it is based on information reported from Beta 3.0 and may not reflect actual future content.


Tighnari wants to inflict as much damage as he can in one go. However, like Ganyu, it looks like he’s going to use a lot of charged attacks in his damage repertoire aside from his Elemental Burst. Because of this, he will benefit from weapons that increase his damage, elemental mastery, or burst/skill elemental damage.

Last name Attribute Description in game
Hunter’s Path (New Arc) Critical Hit Chance Gain 12% bonus on all elemental damage. Gain the Tireless Hunt effect when hitting an opponent with a charged attack. This increases charged attack DMG by 160% of the character’s EM. This effect will be removed after 12 charged attacks or 10 seconds. Only one instance of Tireless Hunt can be gained every 12 seconds.
Elegy for the End Energy recharge Increased Elemental Mastery by 60. Gain Seals when dealing damage with an Elemental Skill or Burst. At 4 seals, passive procs giving 100 EM and ATK will be increased by 20%. After triggering the seal passive, you won’t gain any seals for 20 seconds.
Wireless Elemental Mastery Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Damage by 24%
Windblume Ode Elemental Mastery After using an elemental skill, receive a boon from Windblume’s Ancient Wish, increasing ATK by 16% for 6 seconds.

Of course, the best arc for Tighnari will be the arc he accompanies, the Hunter’s Path. It basically gives him everything he needs to keep going. But, as not everyone will be able to get it, there are also other suggestions on the table with Windblume Ode looking like a promising 4-star replacement for Hunter’s Path.

Best Tighnari Artifacts

This information has been marked as speculative and may not reflect actual future content.

The artifact sets announced to be introduced in Patch 3.0 are both good for Tighnari. Deepwood Memories is a good Artifact set that gives him flat Dendro DMG and gives opponents Dendro RES Shred. While another set, Gilded Dreams, is more dependent on your team composition.

Set name 2 rooms 4 rooms
Memories of Deepwood Dendro DMG bonus +15% After elemental shard skills hit opponents, the target’s Dendro RES will be reduced by 30% for 8 seconds. This effect can be triggered even if the character equipping it is not on the field.
golden dreams Elemental Mastery +80 Within 8 seconds of triggering an elemental reaction, the character equipping it will gain buffs based on the element type of other party members. ATK is increased by 14% for each party member whose elemental type is the same as the character equipping it, and elemental mastery is increased by 50 for each party member with a different elemental type. Each of the aforementioned buffs will have up to 3 characters. This effect can be triggered once every 8s. The character who equips it can still trigger its effects when not on the field.


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