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Frontline of Boom Beach is a 9v9 strategy title developed by Space Monkey Games and Supercell expanding the universe of Boom Beach. With the arrival in 19 additional countries with the Boom Beach Frontlines Soft Launch Program, the game is progressing rapidly both bringing more content and market since the start of the soft launch in other regions. The game is currently at its season 10 each season lasts approximately 30 days. With the launch of the new season, every month comes new troops. Currently there are more than 15 soldiers in the game. Here is a brief guide on how to unlock all troops faster in Frontline of Boom Beach.

How To Unlock All Troops Faster In Boom Beach Frontlines

Here are some ways players can unlock all troops faster in Boom Beach Frontlines:

1. Open more boxes

Image via Space Ape Games

Many players have now noticed that most of the in-game items they obtain are obtained by opening boxes that give players cards (common, rare, and epic), coins, and gems based on the rarity of the game. boom box that a player opens. . These boxes are usually obtained by completing levels in the Free/Beach Pass and help players unlock new troops.

2. Explore new areas

Boom Beach Frontlines Unlock Troops
Image via Space Ape Games

Exploring new areas can reward players generously with gems, cards, and boomboxes, exploring areas can take a long time. 2 minutes at 1 hour. Most areas are experience level dependent, so players should ensure they meet the experience criteria before exploring new areas.

3. Battle and unlock various free beach/pass rewards

Fight and unlock various rewards
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When a player enters a battle winning or losing, they are rewarded with stars which helps to unlock the different tiers from the list of free beach tiers/passes. These level passes have a huge amount of Arrow boxes, coins, cards, and artifacts. To note: Winning brings more stars than losing, Starpool having a capacity of 200 stars and +4 the stars replenish every hour.

4. Buy cards and boxes in the shop

Buy cards and boxes from the shop
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If players can’t seem to find the cards they need or just need more new cards, they can also consider buying cards and boxes from the store. To note: players need to update their store first using elderberry before buying cards.

5. Earn XP To Level Up

Boom Beach Frontlines Unlock Troops
Image via Space Ape Games

Most maps in Boom Beach Frontlines are locked behind the experience level wall, in which case players must first level up their experience before gaining access to certain maps. XP is won by playing battles the higher the combat score, the more XP a player wins.

6. Purchase a beach pass (optional)

Although spending money on a game might not seem like the best thing to do but if you are a low spender or even a F2P (free-to-play) gamer consider Beach pass could be a viable option for faster progress as it is worth a lot of value.

Boom Beach Frontlines Unlock Troops
Image via Space Ape Games

Given its value, a player can only get a small number of gems for the same price as Beach pass. Lately, players must always fight when the star pool is full to get more stars is the only way to fully utilize Beach and Free proceed to Boom Beach Frontlines.

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