Tips for using your Elixir effectively


A lot clash royale players often make the mistake of overusing their Elixir and thus, losing matches due to a lack of elixir when it was most needed. Winning matches requires precise card placements, the best deck that suits their playstyle, and most importantly, how they use their Elixir. In our Clash Royale guide, we’ll discuss tips to help players use their Elixir on a much better scale.

How to effectively use your Elixir in Clash Royale

1. Trump Cards

This is a unique trait that can only be performed in selective decks. Players may have a trump card which can be used to surprise their opponents towards the end of a game. This implies that players will have to fight with only 7 cards utilize.

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Therefore, keep a card that can damage the opponent hard – be it a spell or an offensive card, while making sure there are enough cards to defend as well. When it’s time, toss the trump. Depending on the skill of the card, the opponent will waste a lot of elixir, after which players can use it all to provide a backup or perform a massive push.

2. Understanding Your Deck

Getting used to a deck is key. This helps players know when and where to place cards at the right time. This allows them to easily counter and attack their opponents. To do this, you have to define a deck according to your style of play and practice the same deck every day. By having a mastered deck, players can avoid wasting Elixir in unnecessary situations.

3. Master your most used cards

If we decide to make the best deck, it must master them in the longer term. It could be started with a card and eventually increased in number. By mastering the cards, players won’t have to consume a lot of elixir to protect their towers, but instead play smarter.

4. Read your opponent’s next move

Clash Royale Elixir Guide
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Players must focus not only on their own moves but also those of their opponents. By observing the steps of the adversary, one can judge his next moves even before letting go of the card itself. This allows the player to have an advantage over their opponent, while allowing players to use their elixir effectively.

5. Save the Elixir

Saving the elixir does not necessarily mean letting it flow, but it does refer to saving the elixir when attacked by an enemy. When players successfully defend an attack at the cost of some elixir, they can force a counterattack on the enemy. If the opponent has consumed a lot of Elixir during their attack, they can’t do anything but watch their tower get destroyed by the counterattack.

Final Thoughts

Playing any game intelligently is the best methodology to win matches. Players will be able to involve smarter ways to win a game, such as efficiently consuming Elixir, as we have discussed in this article. The smarter you play, the more experience you will earn.

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