Tower of Fantasy Vera Orientation Event Guide


The 2.0 update of the Tower of Fantasy global client probably brings the Vera area with it. In preparation for the massive patch, the Vera Orienteering event is live until October 7.

While we don’t know if Vera herself will come out then, the event is now live and comes with some juicy rewards. Consisting of three distinct phases with increasingly difficult requirements, you will be able to earn plenty of upgrade materials and gacha currency by participating. Here is the truth.

The Vera Orientation Event Explained

During the duration of the event, you will have the opportunity to earn two main currencies: Warp Energy Cells and Contribution proofs. Energy Cells currently mostly come from defeating event-specific enemy types and opening chests. Proofs of Contribution are earned by handing in Warp Energy Cells and completing event-specific objectives.

The Warp Energy Cell collection is shared across your entire serverso you won’t do all the work, but you should try to contribute as much as you can for everyone to benefit.

First phase of the Vera Orienteering course

Vera Orienteering is a three phase event; at the moment, only the first phase is available. The two objectives of the first phase, the entrusted investigation, are quite simple.

  • Defeat five hyena thugs. You can find at least a few of them in almost every small fortress in the Astra region. Defeat five of them for 600 proofs of contribution.
  • Use Password Chips to unlock three Password Chests. Chests can be of any rarity, though you probably want to use your yellow keys, as Vera’s world bosses will use a different item to unlock their rewards. Opening three chests gives 500 proofs of contribution.

How to use proof of contribution

The number of Contribution Proofs you can earn is limited by the number of Warp Energy Cells you can turn inand the number of challenges in phase one does not increase.

Phase two promises event-specific world bosses, and phase three will have event instances. These activities are probably much more repeatable than the two phase one objectives. Completing these tasks is the easiest way to earn Proof of Contributions, but once you complete them they don’t refresh, so spend that currency wisely.

You spend evidence in the Journey shopaccessible from the Vera Orienteering event page.

In the Store, Proofs allow you to purchase everything from Red Cores and Golden Energy Crystal Dust to Chat Windows, Matrix Data Packs, and more. Some rewards are locked until new phases begin, and you will need to reach level 50 to win everything. It’s not yet clear if there will be enough access to proof of contribution to earn all the rewards, but there’s a lot of money we won’t have.

We’ll be sure to update this guide when new phases unlock for Vera Orienteering, so check back once they do. In the meantime, head to our other Tower of Fantasy guides, including how to get to the Eyrie Spacerift on the man-made island, get the Unicorn Monocross mountand our best weapon tier list. Our guide center has much more.


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