UN human rights assessment set to guide Venezuela negotiations agenda


While the government has attempted to show progress and cooperate with the Human Rights Council and its procedures, the reality remains that it has not implemented the recommendations made by many human rights mechanisms. ‘man. For example, during its 2016 Universal Periodic Review, numerous states recommended that Venezuela allow genuine expression of dissent, release those arbitrarily detained, curb abuses by security forces, and strengthen judicial independence. None of these recommendations have been implemented.

Instead, the government of Nicolás Maduro’s crackdown on dissent continues without any meaningful justice in Venezuela for the victims. Authorities harass and prosecute independent journalists and civil society organizations working to respond to the humanitarian and human rights emergency in the country, which has prevented millions of Venezuelans from accessing basic health care and adequate nutrition. More … than 6 million Venezuelans fled the country, generating the biggest migration crisis in Latin America.

The UPR result should serve as a guide for establishing a human rights agenda to serve as a reference during negotiations between representatives of Maduro’s government and the opposition, to restore the rule of law and the exercise of fundamental rights in Venezuela, in particular by:

  • End censorship and repression against political opponents, journalists, human rights defenders,
  • Release all political prisoners,
  • Reform the Bolivarian National Police and disband the police force FAES (Special Action Force of Venezuela or Fuerza de Acciones SpecialesFAES),
  • The overhaul of justice,
  • Investigate human rights violations, including up the chain of command,
  • Allow apolitical humanitarian assistance in the country, and
  • Guarantee the conditions for free and fair elections.

We call on Member States to put pressure on the Venezuelan authorities to implement the UPR recommendations and ensure that the devastating humanitarian and humanitarian emergency in Venezuela is at the center of any political negotiations.


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