UNDECEMBER: A beginner’s guide to hacking and blasting your way through this awesome ARPG


UNDECEMBER thrusts players into a dark fantasy world where they must do everything in their power to stop the Evil God Serpens from rising and wreaking death and destruction upon the world. Developed by Needs Games and powered by LINE Games, the free-to-play cross-platform ARPG features adrenaline-pumping hack-and-slash action along with a classless system and stunning visuals built with Unreal Engine 4.

As players step into the fantasy world of Traum, here are some of the key points to focus on when getting started.

Classless characters and build diversity

Since you’re free to create whatever type of character you want with true freedom, it can feel overwhelming at first when trying to decide who you want to be. It is important to remember that you can experiment with the different combinations without any restrictions until you find the style that suits you best.

Gears can be melee, arc, or magic, while runes are divided into skill runes and bond runes. There’s also an in-depth Zodiac system where you can change your strength, dexterity, and intelligence after choosing whether you want your avatar to be male or female.

Runes, on the other hand, can be skill runes or bond runes. The former has up to 6 open sides in green, blue or red while the latter can be attached to a skill rune depending on its matching color.

Runes and Zodiacs

Your active skills will depend on your skill runes and your additional buffs will depend on your bond runes. You can earn them by hunting monsters and collecting various quest rewards – along the same lines, you can upgrade and upgrade your runes based on materials or loot your earnings.

When attaching an extra bond rune to an active skill rune, you must correctly match the colors in red (STR), green (DEX), and blue (INT). These have various effects that help you in battle, but as you level them up they will also have progressively higher stat point allocations and mana costs. Keep in mind that you can also disassemble runes you don’t need to get materials in return. You can use the Rune Enchant system to upgrade your rune grades to Normal, Magical, Rare, and Legendary using Rune Essence.

On the other hand, the Zodiac system shows you your first axis of growth and second axis of growth, which are trait points that give you passive benefits. Each time you level up, you gain stat and trait points – you can use the former to boost your STR, DEX, and INT while you can use the latter to complement skill effects. If you happen to stumble upon extra gold or stardust, you can use them to reset your zodiac when you make a mistake.

Enchant your gear

When it comes to your gear, you can experiment with three types: weapon, armor, and accessory. Gears have specific level and stat requirements, also with varying level, grade, and quality. You can enchant your gears through the village blacksmith NPC if you have enough materials.

In particular, the Gear Enchant system allows you to use Essence – earned from farming or dismantling – to improve the quality of your gear or change its options. Essence will determine the random outcome of your gear enchantment – all except unique gears which have fixed base attributes and options.

Main Campaign and Chaos Dungeon

The single-player campaign features 5 acts per episode, with increasingly difficult stages as players progress through the game. As battles become more difficult, the loot you can farm also becomes more valuable, c That’s why you have the option to team up with others to make the journey more enjoyable and increase the loot by 300% (although multiplayer modes will increase the difficulty too).

If you’re looking for something else to occupy yourself outside of the main campaign, you can put your skills to the test in the Chaos Dungeon by using a Chaos Map at the Chaos Statue in the village. Here you will eliminate monsters until you reach the boss room, alone or with your friends online.

You will only need one Chaos card even if you head inside as a group. These cards are categorized into Normal, Magical, Rare, Unique grades and options and will determine the loot you can get as well as passives and difficulty levels. Clearing the dungeon will reward you with EXP which you can use to upgrade your Chaos Statue.

Other multiplayer content

The cooperative raid allows 8 players to take down bosses with different types of elements twice a week. The Spire of Barrier, on the other hand, allows a group of 4 to survive against hordes of monsters in waves. If you continue, you might just score content-exclusive Support Rune Orbs that can increase your survivability.

As for the Void Rift, you can enter it once you’ve completed Episode 2 to challenge the campaign bosses a second time for generous rewards. You can also follow the tutorial quests on Saluto to unlock Relic, where you can summon a cool avatar that has its own passive skills, active skills, and link skills. Don’t forget to upgrade them with the Light of Life item up to level 30.

Finally, players can join a guild of up to 50 players to take advantage of guild passives and items from the guild shop. You can also engage in a bit of trading at the auction house using your rubies.


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