Voting in Burnaby: Here’s a Guide to the October Municipal Elections


General voting day is scheduled for October 15.

With less than a month to go until the 2022 municipal election, we’ve put together a voting guide for Burnaby residents with everything they need to know ahead of General Vote Day on October 15.


There are candidates slated for council and school board positions in October. Mayor Mike Hurley has already won by acclamation because no one challenged him in the mayoral race. He will serve a second term.

There will be at least two new Councilors in Burnaby as Coun. Colleen Jordan and Council. Dan Johnston has announced that they will not run again this fall.

Candidate questions and answers will be added to this guide once they are complete.

In addition to voting for councilors and school trustees, voters will also be asked to vote on land park designations, including Cariboo and Brunette Conservation Lands, Stoney Creek Park and Trail System, Deer Lake Park and the Burnaby Lake Park System.

Mayoral candidates

  • Ken Arnold – Independent
  • Reah Arora – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Pietro Calendino (incumbent) – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Antara Deb – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Sav Dhaliwal (incumbent) – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Gulam Firdos – Independent
  • Mona Grewal – A Burnaby
  • Alison Gu (incumbent) – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Mike Hillman (starter) – One Burnaby
  • Joe Keithley (incumbent) – Burnaby Green Party
  • Martin Kendell – Independent
  • Richard T. Lee – One Burnaby
  • Richard N. Liu – One Burnaby
  • Carrie McLaren – Burnaby Green Party
  • Mario Miceli – A Burnaby
  • Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo – Burnaby Green Party
  • Michael Angelo Robinhood – Independent
  • Konstantine Roccas – Independent
  • Brea Huang Sami – A Burnaby
  • Maria Santiago – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Tara Shushtarian – Burnaby Green Party
  • Deborah Skerry – Independent
  • Tom Tao – Independent
  • Daniel Tetrault – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Scott Van Denham – Independent
  • James Wang (incumbent) – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Heymann Yip – Independent

Candidates for the Office of School Commissioners

  • Bill Brassington – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Peter Cech – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Jeff Courson – Burnaby Green Party
  • Rocky Dong – Independent
  • Larry Hayes – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Paul Kwon – Independent
  • Jen Mezei – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Harinder Parmar – Burnaby Green Party
  • Michelle Sasakamoose – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Kristin Schnider – Burnaby Citizens Association
  • Spenser Sproul – Independent
  • Gary Wong – Burnaby Citizens Association


Advance voting is scheduled for Saturday October 1, Wednesday October 5 and Saturday October 8 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at six polling stations.

  • Confederation Seniors Center
  • The Incredible Brentwood
  • Cameron Recreation Complex
  • Metropolis to Metrotown
  • Bonsor Recreation Complex
  • Edmonds Community Center

General voting day is Saturday, October 15 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the following locations.

  • Alpha High School
  • Armstrong Elementary School
  • Bonsor Recreation Complex
  • The Incredible Brentwood
  • Burnaby Central High School
  • Burnaby North High School
  • Cameron Recreation Complex
  • Capitol Hill Elementary School
  • Cascade Heights Elementary School
  • Chaffey Burke Elementary School
  • Clinton Elementary School
  • Confederation Seniors Center
  • Edmonds Community Center
  • Forest Grove Elementary School
  • Gilmore Avenue Community School
  • Kitchener Elementary School
  • Lakeview Elementary School
  • Lochdale Community School
  • Marlborough Primary School
  • Metropolis to Metrotown
  • Morley Primary School
  • Moscrop Secondary School
  • Nelson Elementary School
  • Seaforth Primary School
  • Second Street Community School
  • South Slope Primary School
  • Sperling Primary School
  • Stoney Creek Community School
  • Taylor Park Elementary School
  • Highland University Primary School
  • Westridge Elementary School
  • Windsor Elementary School

Curbside voting is also available at all polling stations for those who have difficulty entering a polling location.

Residents will need to bring someone who can notify the returning officer that they need assistance or call the Burnaby Elections Office at 604-294-7088 and arrange for assistance.

Workers will come to your vehicle and take the necessary steps to vote.

Mail-in ballots

For the first time in Burnaby’s election history, voters will have the option to vote by mail if they wish.

There are three ways to receive an application package:

  • Apply online or complete a paper application
  • Contact the Burnaby Elections Office and request that an application be mailed to you. This must be done by noon on October 6 to ensure you receive an absentee ballot
  • Pick up an application kit at the Christine Sinclair Community Center, Burnaby City Hall, any Burnaby Public Library, or SFU’s WAC Bennet Library

Mail-in ballot packages will be ready to be picked up or mailed from 8:30 a.m. on September 24. The city says the last day a mail-in ballot package will be mailed is Oct. 6 to ensure delivery time before the end. the postal ballot must be returned.

Completed ballots must be returned to the Elections Office by 8 p.m. on October 15. Postmarks will not be accepted and any ballots arriving after 8:00 p.m. on general voting day will not be counted.


To be a resident voter, the following criteria must be met at the time of voting.

  • 18 or older on or before general voting day
  • canadian citizen
  • Resident of British Columbia for at least six months immediately prior to the day of registration
  • A resident of the City of Burnaby in accordance with applicable law
  • Not be disqualified under the Local Government Act or any enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law

If you are a registered voter, you will receive a voter card this month.

For new or unregistered voters, or if you are updating personal information on your voter card, you must bring two pieces of acceptable identification that prove your identity and residence. One must contain the voter’s signature.


The City of Burnaby advises that the following forms of identification are acceptable when registering in person or updating personal information.

  • BC CareCard
  • British Columbia ID card issued by ICBC
  • British Columbia Services Card
  • British Columbia driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Burnaby Public Library Map
  • Canadian passport or citizenship card
  • Indian status certificate
  • Debit or credit card
  • Income tax assessment
  • Métis Scrip Status
  • Monthly Report/Request for Continuation of Income Assistance
  • Nexus Border Map
  • Owner’s certificate of insurance and vehicle license issued by ICBC
  • City of Burnaby Property Tax Notice
  • Social insurance card
  • Statutory Declaration / Sworn Affidavit (from a Notary Public, Lawyer or Commissioner of Oaths)
  • Student card
  • Utility bill (electric, water, telephone, natural gas or cable)

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