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By all definitions Place Aubrey is a true independent star, over the years she has been a regular at the Sundance Film Festival. The impressive decade-long run began in 2012 with the sci-fi romantic comedy Security not ensured and continued every two years with 2014 Life after Beth2017 Ingrid goes westand 2020s Black bear. In his latest film Criminal EmilyPlaza achieves one of his best performances alongside Theo Rossi as a debt-ridden young man looking for a way out of his desperate situation.

Written and directed by John Patton Ford, Criminal Emily is a crime drama centered on the life of an aspiring young art school dropout painter who struggles to pay off a suffocating student debt she racked up during her time at art school. Shut out of decent jobs due to a past with the law when she was accused of assaulting a former boyfriend, Emily resorts to a life of crime to survive in a world that feels increasingly unfair. Criminal Emily is John Patton Ford’s feature debut starring Aubrey Plaza, Tyler Davidsonand Drew Sykes as producers. Slated for a US release on August 12, 2022, here’s a look at all the characters and actors in the movie.


Here is the official trailer for Criminal Emily.

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Aubrey Plaza as Emily Benetto

Emily is a young woman saddled with $70,000 in college debt for an arts degree she dropped out of halfway through. To further complicate matters, she struggles to land a well-paying job due to her felony assault conviction. While working in the restaurant business, a co-worker informed her of a job that would pay her $200 an hour. Eager to increase her income, she accepts the position which requires her to play the role of a fictitious client.

Plaza made her breakthrough in 2009 as Daisy in funny people realized by Judd Apatow. Her most popular performance is that of April Ludgate in the sitcom Parks and recreation from 2009 to 2015. His other film credits include A Glimpse into the Mind of Charles Swan III, Mike and Dave need wedding dates, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The task list, The happiest season, Child’s playand Bestsellers. She also received acclaim for her role as Lenny Busker in Noah Hawleyfrom the X-Men series Legion. Upcoming for Plaza, she will partner with Jason Statham and Hugh Grant in the Guy Ritchie action comedy Operation Fortune: Ruse of War. Plaza will also be part of the massive set for the second season of HBO’s hit anthology series. The White Lotus.

Theo Rossi as Youcef

Youcef is a Middle Eastern immigrant who runs a credit card scam that initially hires Emily as a dummy buyer. The partnership evolves as Emily improves at work and develops an expanded appetite for the underworld. He slowly increases her scope of involvement until she becomes a full ally in crime.

Rossi’s mesmerizing performance alongside Plaza is one of the highlights of this film. Rossi’s best work is as Hernan ‘Shades’ Alvarez in Marvel’s Luke Cageand as Intelligence Officer Juan Carlos ‘Juice’ Ortiz in FX’s Sons of Anarchy. His other film credits include army of the dead, When the branch breaks, and Ghosts of war.

Emily’s high-achieving college friend whose success at a thriving advertising agency partly fuels Emily’s desire to land a corporate job. She is living Emily’s dream. Her job takes her to glamorous places like Portugal and, more importantly, she doesn’t get smothered by student loans. She recommends Emily for a few jobs, but none ever seem to work.

One of Echikunwoke’s earliest performances was in 2001 as Nicole Palmer, daughter of David Palmer, on the Fox series. 24. She also played Lisa King in the 2018 comedy evening school. His other film credits include A good day to die strong, An actor preparesand stepsisters.

Gina Gershon as Alice

Alice is the condescending executive of a company where Emily is looking for a job. Alice only appears in one scene, and what scene it is. What begins as an interview escalates into a fierce verbal exchange when Emily realizes Alice lied about not doing a background check. Learning that the job was actually an unpaid internship, Emily launches into a tirade about not being paid for her work. This exchange sets the tone for the whole film.

Gershon made his breakthrough in the 1986 teen romantic comedy Pretty in pink. Subsequently, she appeared in Front/Off, Five Minarets in New York, How to do it in Americaand Versace House. Her most notable work is playing Gladys Jones in the teen drama series The CW Riverdale. Gershon will also be part of the ensemble cast of Eli Rothit is Borderlandsthe film adaptation of the famous video game franchise.

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Jonathan Avigdori as Khalil

Youcef’s cousin and colleague in crime, Khalil regards Emily with suspicion as soon as she walks through the door. Although uncomfortable, he shows little resistance at first, but when Emily begins to demand greater involvement, Khalil is quick to voice his opposition and displeasure at working with her.

Born in Israel, Avigdori emigrated to the United States in 1999 to pursue a career in entertainment. A filmmaker and actor who started acting in his native Israel, Avigdori played the trade minister in the political drama television series Tyrant. His other film credits include appearances on Lincoln’s lawyer, The black listand FBI.

Bernardo Badillo as Javier

After Emily’s unfortunate interview with Alice, Javier is the co-worker at her catering job who informs her of a concert that would earn her $200. This vital information doesn’t come cheap because Emily has to pay by taking her shift. This singular act opens him to hell.

Badillo holds a BA in theater from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He played Frank Delgado in the drama series Chicago PD and Cheo in the crime drama television series queen of the south. His other credits include dead to me, Insecureand The night tracker.

Other cast members include Brandon Sklenar, John Billingley, Kim Yabrough, Kara Luiz, Janice Sonia Lee, Wesley Hanand Ben Rodgers.


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