Wimbledon 2022: Sex sign outside All England club, guide to queuing, angry local resident


Signs were seen at Wimbledon saying ‘sex parties will not be tolerated’ with disgruntled locals threatening police action.

Local residents have warned frisky tennis fans against having sex in public outside the famous Wimbledon tennis courts.

Residents of the wealthy surrounding streets are fed up with the sex and drug parties taking place during the iconic two-week grand slam at the All England tennis club in London.

Local residents have apparently campaigned every year for tighter control of tennis fans entering and leaving the venue – and this has led to tournament officials announcing ever-tighter restrictions on what fans are allowed to do while waiting in the famous Wimbledon ticket queue where fans sometimes camp out for two days to secure the best seats in the house.

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This year, Wimbledon released a 19-page document called ‘A Guide to Queuing’ where patrons were told that loud music, excessive drinking and anti-social behavior ‘will not be tolerated’.

As part of efforts to appease residents, the club tells fans in the document: “We ask everyone in The Queue to respect both Wimbledon grounds and local residents.

“Antisocial or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will result in confiscation of your queue card and removal from the queue.

“The confiscation of a queue card by the stewards, security guards or the police constitutes a refusal of entry to the championship grounds.”

Despite all these measures, the tournament has failed to eradicate the annual tradition of fans getting to know each other well in the surrounding wooded areas outside the SW19 tournament grounds.

Local residents have now taken on the sexual adventures of police fans with posters posted in some streets stating that “sex parties will not be tolerated”.

The star of the day first got a picture of a sign that a resident had pinned to a tree.

“Game Sex and Match NO THANK YOU,” the sign reads.

“Visiting tennis fans are asked to respect our park and our forest.

“Anti-social behavior such as drugs, alcohol and sex parties will not be tolerated.

“Police patrol this area regularly and you have been warned. Thanks for your consideration. Enjoy the tennis!”

A concerned resident told the Star: “In the summer, all sorts of things happen in the woods.

“But during the Wimbledon fortnight, especially if it’s hot, people get carried away and jump in the woods.

“I’ve seen couples having sex, drug parties, really everything.

“With so many fans camping out in the park it turns into a big party after dark and people get carried away, especially if they’ve been knocking down the Pimms all day.

“We’ve put reviews in the past, but they just got ripped off.

“Let’s hope the police step up their patrols this year and kick out anyone they catch wanting a love match.”

A similar note was published in 2019, according to The sun.

“Dear tennis fans and visitors to our beautiful grounds at Wimbledon,” the sign read.

“Please respect our region and our woods over the next two weeks.

“We politely request No barbecues, no littering, no sex and drug parties in the woods.

“The police will be patrolling this area and this car park due to previous anti-social behavior during the Wimbledon fortnight, so you have been warned.”


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