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“London is calling, yeah, I was there too / And you know what they said? Well, part of it was true / London was calling at the top of the dial / And after all that won’t you give me a smile I’ve never felt so similar, similar, similar, similar” – ‘London Calling’ by The Clash

The summer season is here and has already gone wrong as climate change bears the marks of mankind’s madness. Losing power for hours on end (load shedding) is another enemy we just can’t seem to defeat. Here is Kick summer to-do list…

Travel: indoors and outdoors

Travel sounds like a scary word, but it’s not. It just depends on how prepared you are. Besides hitting Lonely Planet, which literally spells it out for you, it’s a good time to get on and party as tourism picks up. If you’re planning to get out of the country, pick any place other than London where everyone from Shah Rukh Khan to that annoying friend of a friend likes to hang out. Instead, look to destinations across Europe, like Prague, for example, with its street music culture.

If traveling abroad is an expensive trip for you, you can – with the right research – travel to Pakistan. Pakistani celebrities often update their Instagram from several of these beautiful places. If they can, so can you. Head to the city of saints, Multan or ride north and enjoy the hospitality of the people. But don’t carry with you urban habits like throwing trash out your car window or behaving badly around people who haven’t done anything to deserve it. Think greenery, think Gilgit-Baltistan or Chitral, beautiful cultures and people.

A musical odyssey

Your guide to a better summer

Pakistani audiences don’t exactly like paying for music while sneaky downloading is easier. The FIA ​​may have shut down illegal factories amid piracy many moons ago, but that was then. In the digital age, it’s so much easier to download almost anything in a substantial size. However, with the official entry of Spotify, the global music streaming app, in Pakistan, paying a small fee every month to access millions of songs is a good idea. The royalty collected from this goes to the artist. So ask yourself, would you be okay with someone taking your paycheck for something functional you do? A similar perspective should be applied to music.

As for the music itself, our top three picks at the moment include Talal Qureshi, Hasan Raheem and Natasha Noorani’s new track, ‘Faltu Pyar‘, ‘Kyun’ – a collaboration between Karakoram and Hasan Raheem, and Bilal Maqsood’s’Naya Naya’.

fashion scene

Your guide to a better summer

Fashion is an amalgamation of trends. But style is inherent. You could be stylish in many ways without losing your own identity. To this end, look at designers like Riffat Aliani, brands like Manto or HEF clothing. Let’s say if you don’t like that, the one-of-a-kind Khaadi outlet in Dolmen Mall, Karachi is another way to go. Several budget Pakistani brands offering a different type of fashion, including androgynous clothing, are emerging online, so look around. And for fashion, stop buying that overpriced lawn that is anathema to the real growth of organic and pioneering fashion.

Binge-watch but with caution

We all binge watch but spend hours watching a show like Criminal minds Where Hitler’s Circle of Evil will give you nightmares. Trust us, we tried it.

The idea is to research and then watch. Also keep in mind that not all good projects are on Netflix, so you should look around.

Your guide to a better summer

The first lady features Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt (woohoo!), Viola Davis as Michelle Obama (double woohoo!), and Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford (triple woohoo?). The series was released by Showtime, and reviews suggest that come awards season, these actors will most likely get nominations and win trophies.

If you’re stuck with Netflix and have no other choice, a really fun activity is to watch older movies like The guilty where Jake Gyllenhaal will keep you glued to the film until the end. almost knownin addition to being an excellent film to watch or rewatch, will make you realize that there was a time in your life when you and I could put up with Kate Hudson.

Books: from reel to real

As we talk about the first ladies of the United States of The Armed, now is the time to hunt down a copy of Michelle Obama Become. First published in 2018, it will answer all your questions about the woman’s life, including facts about how she will never, ever run for President of the United States. And that’s just one detail of a book that’s outselling Barack Obama’s first post-presidency book, A promised land.

Your guide to a better summer

Another curious book worth noting is that of Will Smith, simply titled Will be. It’s written with the help of Mark Manson (an author himself with books like The subtle art of not giving ****). The book came at a time when Will Smith foolishly and shamelessly slapped Chris Rock at the last Oscars for making fun of his wife. Loads of people can take jokes in their stride but Will couldn’t (funny or not). This created a disruption within the family and a nightmare in Will Smith’s career. The irony is that he won Best Actor that night and could have used the podium to deliver his article.

Since his book was written with the help of Mark Manson, we also suggest picking up a copy of his two books: The subtle art of not giving **** and Everything is *****d.

Sports: tennis

Your guide to a better summer

What about sports? Football and cricket certainly have value for Pakistani fans. But there is one sport that is different from the one mentioned above. A much more elegant sport to follow is tennis. And right now, unlikely things are happening. If any tennis player can dethrone the big three: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic from the world number one spot in tennis and do it at least twice, it’s Daniil Medvedev, the Russian professional tennis player. At the moment, he is the number one player in the official ranking and could very well make Novak Djokovic work to recover this title.


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