Your guide to layering like a pro this fall


The most important piece to your fall layering look is your choice of outerwear. A good winter coat or jacket is necessary to pull your outfit together and keep you warm when the temperature drops. “Winter with a bad coat is miserable,” says stylist Brooke Philips Thread. “But if you have one that can withstand wind and rain, you don’t even have to think about the weather when you leave the house.” He goes on to say that most stylists advise clients to buy an expensive coat with a classic style and neutral tones. “Something like a navy overcoat, or even a beige trench coat, is designed to go with everything,” Brooke adds.

Of course, you can expect classics like fitted trench coats and leather jackets to always be in style. But if you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching, this year’s trend forecast shows color-blocking outerwear, dramatic fur-trimmed coats and vintage bomber jackets making a splash, for example. TODAY. And despite the dropping temperatures, more and more people are ditching sleeves altogether in their fall looks. Sleeveless coats and puffer jackets are becoming popular fall staples thanks to their versatility and ability to mix and match your wardrobe, as opposed to your traditional puffer jacket. This allows you to try layering your outfit with thicker jumpers or sweaters without the risk of overheating.


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