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Hello Chicago.

Primary day in Illinois is just over three weeks away and early voting is underway.

Republicans vying for the GOP gubernatorial nomination had what will likely be their last televised debate last week and our reporters, Rick Pearson and Dan Petrella, were there to break the noise.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin continues to lead the fundraiser, as billionaire Ken Griffin has now contributed $50 million to Irvin’s campaign. But that hasn’t stopped questions from being raised about Irvin’s time as mayor, including this exclusive Tribune report from reporters Joe Mahr and Ray Long that shows Irvin quietly started a business with a senior councilor for the city of Aurora and two others, who have been awarded contracts with the city. .

Ads from Republicans continued to flood the airwaves, and Democrats aren’t silent either. One of the ads that caught the public’s attention this week was US Representative Marie Newman’s ad showing her dog pooping as she faces off against fellow incumbent US Representative Sean Casten.

Amid all the noise, remember that Clare Spaulding and Kori Rumore of the Tribune have all the details you need to know to vote this primary season.

And if that’s not enough for you, the Chicago mayoral race is… in nine months. But there is still a lot of activity. Two candidates announced their intention to run in the past week and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is expected to announce her intention to run for re-election soon. The Tribune’s Greg Pratt is following all the developments and we’re keeping track of who’s in, who’s out and who’s still thinking.

– John Chase, Associate Editor of Metro

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On June 28, Illinois voters will select their party’s candidates for each office in the state. Voters can also vote for one seat in the U.S. Senate, two seats on the Illinois Supreme Court, all 17 Illinois representatives in Congress, every senator and state representative in the General Assembly, and dozens of county and court offices. These primary elections set the stage for the November 8 general elections.

It’s the first time in decades that the primaries have been held this late in the year, due to delays in taking the U.S. census amid the pandemic. Illinois lawmakers had to wait for census data to redraw districts for government offices.

At a glance, the choice between Pete DiCianni and Greg Hart to become the Republican nominee for DuPage County Council President later this month might seem like a draw.

But their seemingly small political differences did not dull the salinity of the primary race, with each candidate questioning his opponent’s Republican good faith.

State Sen. Darren Bailey doubled down on his comments that he considered Chicago a crime-ridden ‘hell’ during a Thursday night debate of Republican gubernatorial candidates as he also sought to aggressively qualify his rival Richard Irvin as a “corrupt Democrat”.

But Irvin, mayor of suburban Aurora, sought to silence critics of Bailey as well as his other GOP rivals, saying they were upset because he was “undermining their political aspirations.”

The Chicago Tribune breaks down the list of those who say they will run, those who are still thinking about it and those who say they won’t. We will update this list as candidates form their minds. You can also follow our coverage from our team of political journalists.

To inform voters and help the Chicago Tribune editorial board make endorsements, the committee asked candidates a series of questions.


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