Your guide to the content of the August 2 primary ballot in Genesee County


GENESEE COUNTY, MI – Genesee County voters will decide on tax proposals to fund parks, police and agricultural education, multiple miles for schools and municipalities, and narrow the field of Flint mayoral candidates during primary elections on Tuesday 1 August. 2.

This year’s primary has a wrinkle due to redistricting, which has created new political constituencies from the local to the federal level, sometimes giving voters a different slate of candidates to choose from.

Voters can go to to find their sample ballot and where to vote.

Polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, and residents can vote by mail at local clerk offices until 4 p.m. Monday, August 1. State election officials recommend requesting an in-person absentee ballot to avoid postal delays. within two weeks of an election.

There is still time to register to vote. To do so, go to your city or township clerk’s office before the polls close on election day with the required documents. These offices must be open at least eight hours on the weekend before Election Day, according to state law.

See the links below for MLive/The Flint Journal coverage of all contested primary races for local, county, judicial, state House, state Senate, and Congress, plus proposals taxes that will appear on the ballot.

6th congressional district

Republicans have gained strength in their battle to oust Dan Kildee from Congress through redistricting but must decide on Tuesday who will be their standard bearer against him in the November general election.

Kildee, who has no opponent in the Democratic primary, will face the winner of the field of three GOP candidates – Paul Junge, Candice Miller and Matthew Seely.

Kildee and his three Republican challengers are running in the 8th congressional district, which was drawn following the redistricting that was carried out at the local, state and federal levels following the results of the 2020 US census.

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flint mayor

There’s more at stake in Flint’s mayoral election than who signs the proclamations and issues the keys to the city.

Unlike other communities in Genesee County, Flint uses a strong mayor form of government, giving the person elected to the position powers similar to those of a chief executive.

In the Aug. 2 primary, voters will choose between incumbent Sheldon A. Neeley, former mayor Karen Weaver and 1st Ward Councilman Eric Mays. The top two voters in this election will face each other in the general election in November.

In Flint, the city clerk’s office will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 30 to allow registered voters to vote by mail at the counter.

Voters can also use secure drop boxes, accessible 24 hours a day, to drop off completed ballots until 8 p.m. on election night.

Drop boxes are located in front of City Hall, between the Police and Fire Station in Downtown Flint, and at the fire stations located at 1525 King Avenue, 3402 Western Road, 716 W. Pierson Road and 202 E. Atherton Road.

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Local and county-wide mileage requests

Voters have the opportunity to greenlight park funding, police funding, agricultural education and multiple mileage for elementary schools and municipalities.

Countywide tax requests for parks – 0.75 mils – and community agricultural education programs through the Michigan State University Extension – 0.08 mils – form part of the questions on the primary ballot.

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State Senate District 27

Democrats and Republicans will choose their candidates in the race for the redesigned state Senate District 27 general election in the Aug. 2 primary.

State Rep. John D. Cherry, David L. Davenport, Monica S. Galloway and Bill Swanson are the Democrats vying for the primary election. Aaron R. Gardner and Christina Hickson are competing in the Republican primary.

The new District 27 Senate headquarters includes the entire city of Flint. Much of that region was represented in the state Senate by incumbent Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, D-Flint, who is term-limited and ineligible for re-election.

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State House District 69

Three Democrats are competing in the Aug. 2 primary election for the chance to face an undisputed Republican in the race for the state House of Representatives in District 69.

The State House redistricting ensured voters in the Flushing and Mt. Morris areas will have a new representative in the 69th District, areas that were represented by State Representative Mike Mueller, R-Linden, and John D Cherry, D-Flint.

Republican candidate Jesse Couch is unopposed in the 69th District primary. He will face the top voter among three Democrats – Jenifer Almassy, ​​Kenyetta V. Dotson and Jasper Ryan Martus.

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State House District 70

Six candidates — four Democrats and two Republicans — are vying to become the Flint-area state representative in the Aug. 2 primary election.

In the GOP primary, Trevor Berryhill faces Tim Butler, and in the Democratic primary, state Rep. Cynthia Neeley, D-Flint, faces Thomas James Harris Jr., Dewaun E. Robinson and Rich Jones.

The highest vote from each party will qualify for the general election in November.

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Genesee County Circuit Court Judge

Three candidates are running for a non-incumbent seat on the Genesee County Circuit Court.

These candidates – Mary Hood, Rebecca Jurva-Brinn and Dawn Weier – are running to fill a vacancy created by the expected retirement of Justice Duncan Beagle at the end of 2022.

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Genesee County Commissioner of District 2

The race for the Democratic nomination in the November 2022 election pits an incumbent against a challenger in the August 2 ballot.

Charles H. Winfrey, who was elected to represent District 2 on the Genesee County Board of Commissioners in 2020, is challenged by Donald Wright. The winner of the primary will face Republican Lynette Robinson, who is unopposed in the GOP primary, in November.

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Genesee County Commissioner of District 3

The race for Genesee County’s next Third District representative on the County Board of Commissioners includes three Republicans and two Democrats.

Incumbent Ellen Ellenburg is challenged in the Democratic primary by Brian Ashley. Republicans looking for a chance to challenge that winner include Gary Goetzinger, Nicholas Goyette and Elizabeth Guzak.

The winner will be elected for a two-year term on the Council of Commissioners.

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Genesee County Commissioner of District 4

Two Republicans and two Democrats are all vying for a spot on the Genesee County Board of Commissioners hoping for a two-year term representing District 4.

Kelsie M. Swanson challenges incumbent Domonique Clemons in the Democratic primary. On the Republican side, Amy Miller and Isaac A. Thomas are both looking to make it to the November ballot.

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Genesee County Commissioner of District 5

Three Republicans will appear on the Aug. 2 ballot, vying for the chance to oppose one of two Democratic nominees for the opportunity to represent District 5 on the Genesee County Board of Commissioners for the next two years.

James Avery, who has served on the board since being nominated to fill a vacancy in January, is running against Mark Stillman in the Democratic primary. The winner of this primary will face Angie Carr, Teri Lynn Chambers or J. Michelle Kline on the Republican side.

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Genesee County Commissioner of District 7

The location of the Genesee County District 7 Board of Commissioners will likely change next year.

Current commissioner Meredith Davis will have served her two-year term and will move on to run in District 8 after the redistricting process changed the boundaries to 2021.

That means Republican Lynn Culver is in line to face the winner of the Democratic primary which includes three candidates – Martin Cousineau, Janet Peters and Wayne Coffell.

Genesee County Commissioner of District 8

Meredith Davis, who currently represents District 7 on the county commission, is running in District 8 in the Republican primary due to a redistricting. She is challenged on August 2 by Virginia Sepanak.

Three Democratic candidates are also vying for the seat: Dale Weighill, David Huffman and Andy Everman.

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Genesee County Commissioner of District 9

Five newcomers are vying for the Genesee County District 9 commissioner seat after incumbent Gary Peppin announced he was not seeking re-election.

Democrats Michelle Davis, Jenessa Phillips, Mo Aboneaaj and Patrick Land are competing in the Aug. 2 primary. The winner will face Republican Sue Hopper in the November election.

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Mt. Morris Township Clerk

Three Democrats are competing to serve a partial term as Mt. Morris Township Clerk.

The winner will replace Brenda Ashley, who retired in 2021 after lingering controversy.

Anthony Turner, Gerald Deloney and DeWayn Allen are all on the Aug. 2 ballot.

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Mt. Morris Township Administrator

Three Democrats and a Republican are vying for a partial term on the Mt. Morris Township Council that will end in November 2024.

Republican Nick Hatt is unopposed in the primary election. Jona May Kean, who currently holds the seat, is opposed in the Democratic primary by Corey Bellomo and Brian Baxter.

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Richfield Township Treasurer

Democrat Karen Land will face the winner of two Republican candidates — Debbie Buterakos and Paul Green — for a term as treasurer of Richfield Township that ends in November 2024.

Buterakos is currently Treasurer of the Township of Richfield. The three candidates will be in the primary ballot on August 2.

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